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Description for BeeChat Free Talk APK

Download BeeTalk APK – the dating app taking Southeast Asia by storm! Don’t let the cutesy bumble bee name fool you, this app is dripping the steam and the sweat of highly charged sexual energy, as BeeTalk aims to get people to do more than just talk.

BeeTalk Chat is a crafty culmination of features we’ve seen from various messaging and dating apps, all rolled into one nifty little app which you can download here for free. With 50 million users worldwide, you’re bound to find someone, somewhere on BeeTalk – with most of the app’s users concentrated in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan, maybe it’s time to take that trip you’ve always dreamt of?

BeeTalk brings a lot to the table for a dating app, many of the more popular ones tend to be quite linear and limiting, whereas BeeTalk offers free instant messaging, a radar feature that alerts you to users within a certain proximity, self-destructing ‘Whisper’ messages and a range of forums. It’s a winning combo, but one that hasn’t taken off in the US just yet. However, when (or rather where) it is popular, BeeTalk APK is a potent tool for all those mingling singles.

How do I get started on BeeTalk?

Let me talk you through the process then, although naturally – some parts I’ll have to leave to your imagination, I can’t do it all for you!

Still, let’s imagine (or rather not imagine, since you’re already reading about a dating app) that you are a lovelorn singleton, perhaps you’ve recently lost the love of your life to a freak hovercraft accident, maybe you’re man met someone new at a Dungeons and Dragons tournament, or hell – you might just be repulsive and alone, whatever the reason for your desperate loneliness, allow me to introduce you to BeeTalk APK.

First off, download BeeTalk APK for free here onto your Android device and open the app up. It shouldn’t shock you that this is the first step towards finding love or at very least a warm body to lose yourself with.

So you’ll need to register with your phone number, which is maybe less than ideal if you’re entering into this while still in a “committed” relationship, but for those with nothing to lose, a phone number is an easy method of signing up. BeeTalk will then send you a verification code and from there it’s a simple matter of setting up your profile picture – probably not a great idea to go with a dick-pic showing a flaccid, unshaven member dangling down like a crestfallen elephant’s trunk. Pick a nice picture, it’s the first thing any other BeeTalk user is going to see.

Here you can also set up your BeeTalk username, again – it’s one of the most damning and telling things, so while maybe you don’t want to use your full name so you’re not bombarded with stalkers and creeps across other social media platforms, but “TheRealRonJeremy” is probably not a great start to any potential relationship.

Lastly, you’ll have two options here – if you want to add your contacts from your phone then you can, but if you’d rather avoid the embarrassment of meeting a family member on a dating app, then you can also choose to skip this part, but bear in mind: this will leave your BeeTalk contacts list empty.

Ok – I’m all set, how do I meet people who might be interested in touching me on BeeTalk?

Easy there Casanova, BeeTalk isn’t one of those apps where you can just sit safely tucked away from the world in your bed and swipe for hours over digital reconstructions of potential lovers. You ideally need to get out there into the big wide world, as much as it’s a bit of a meat-grinder out there, BeeTalk works best when you’re out and about.

This is one potential flaw to BeeTalk APK – perhaps more so for females than for men, but because the radar distance settings are limited to 50m, 100m and 1km, you’re only really going to find people in your immediate vicinity. This can either mean convenience for casual sex, or it can be pretty damn intimidating should another BeeTalk user manage to figure out where you live – although the app does try to ensure a little bit more discretion with regards to your exact location.

Either way, if we look past the potential issues raised by this feature, then we can move right on into the less murky realm of how to contact someone. BeeTalk only lets you communicate with people who accept your contact request, although you can attach a personal message to that request, so don’t blow it. Nobody wants to be asked if they’re up for anal while you’re introducing yourself to them, so play it cool, keep it casual.

Anyway, simple shake your Android device to refresh the radar, this will be how you find other BeeTalk users and your first way of finding a means of communication. The bumping of the genitals will come later, first you must make contact.

How to make people want to meet up with you on BeeTalk

Let me preface this section by saying that I’m no dating expert, but that being said there are a few golden rules that, man or woman, you should observe so as not to find yourself being strip-searched and handcuffed by police rather than stripped and handcuffed by another BeeTalk user.

Obviously, there’s a lot of room within the features of BeeTalk for some seriously NSFW communications. First, the Whisper messages – a self-destructing message that you can set the time fuse on for 1 – 15 seconds. I mean, obviously BeeTalk borrows from SnapChat here and we all know exactly what that’s used for. Regardless though, sending unsolicited nudes or dick-pics is a pretty huge no. No as in, dear god no, don’t do that. However, if you’re comfortable with it and it’s been requested, do as you will, but always remember that most phones have a screenshot feature these days, those compromising photos you assumed with delete themselves could be preserved forever.

Not to scare you off, but let’s move on – the importance of location cannot be underplayed with BeeTalk and so you will need to get out there and mingle, but this is made a lot easier (and safer) through the public forums that are hosted by BeeTalk.

Through these, you can find folks with similar interests and hobbies, meaning that you don’t need to be shy about mentioning your crippling addiction to collecting stamps on your first date. These forums do offer real life meet-ups, which is a good way to expand your contact list, especially if you’re not necessarily looking for one-night stands and are more into the idea of meeting new friends in a new place.

One piece of golden advice, always, always, ALWAYS complete your profile, especially on BeeTalk APK. Given the location sensitive nature of this particular dating app, it’s more crucial than ever to give the world a glimpse of your pretty face. The sad truth is that many dating apps are riddled with bots and fake profiles, so you do need to distinguish yourself from a Russian troll, but this doesn’t mean giving too much away. The point is, a lot of people on BeeTalk are more than willing to do a lot of interesting things, but they mainly want to do those things with real people, so prove you’re real.

Another gamble of a way to meet folks is to use the Flip feature on BeeTalk – I told you there were plenty of features – but this one essentially gives you a roulette style shot at meeting someone who might like you. Basically, you’ll be shown someone’s BeeTalk profile and you can either like them or ignore them, but if you’ve both liked each other’s profile then you’re automatically added into one another’s contacts list. From there, well – you know what to do.

Remember, one of the massive advantages to BeeTalk APK is that it’s entirely free – BeeTalk chat, BeeTalk calls and all the features regarding locations, Flip, Whisper etc. it’s all completely free to use, although if you’re out and about and not connected to WiFi, then BeeTalk will obviously use your mobile data, but that should be obvious.

Conclusion on BeeTalk

So there you have it, BeeTalk APK is a fine dating app that functions best for those who prefer to get active and out there. While this might be a little intimidating, it’s worth remembering that BeeTalk’s settings and functions may work best for more active people, but this does weed out those who’d rather just sit around at home and wait for love to just slut-drop into their laps.

In short, there won’t be many inactive users or people not committed to making the most of these features, so if you’re hoping to be dropped into a pit of sex-crazed lunatics obsessed with hurling images of their more intimate fleshy parts into the etherspace of the internet, then you should download BeeTalk APK now and get stuck in.

Download BeeTalk APK free here and start your rambling quest for love, lust or even just something to fill the existential void that has become your romantic endeavours of late. Whatever your reasons, whatever you’re after, download BeeTalk APK free here – where you lay your head’s just a matter of pride and no-one can blame a pair of hands for trying to keep warm. Good luck!

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