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Category: Social
Compatible with: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Version: 4.33.4
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 50.32 MB
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 03/ 13
MOD: Yes

Description for BIGO LIVE – Live Stream APK

Download Bigo Live APK and never miss a moment – this app exploded onto the Southeast Asian market a few years ago, but has really picked up an international following as one of the leading live streaming social media apps available for Android.

Bigo Live combines an amazing amount of technological innovation into one easy to use app that hooks users through the intricacy of the mundane – everyday life is mostly what’s on display from a lot of the 200 million users, but somehow, it’s more addictive than any opioide outbreak witnessed anywhere.

Almost everyone on Bigo Live is just going about their day, willingly surrendering to the panopticon vision of Jeremy Bentham by filming themselves with the front-facing camera on their Android device and this is where you come in. The appeal of Bigo Live seems to lie in the voyeuristic pleasures of watching someone else’s life, but being able to interact with them as they go about living it.

What is Bigo Live, I’m still confused…

So it’s a live streaming app that combines a few game-like elements. Users can either film themselves going about and become the star of their own ego-fuelled online reality TV show, or they can simply be the audience, watching with an unblinking silence as the warm fuzzy glow of the screen light washes over their vacant stare into the abyss.

The elements of games come into Bigo Live when you first start to interact with users who’re comfortable being in front of the camera. It’s here that Bigo Live lets you chat with the digital stars of the moment, giving them the chance to respond, but also, you can send them gifts.

Gifts in Bigo Live can be anything from digital rings right up to digital sports cars – of course, they’re not real diamond rings or Corvettes – the gifts are just emoticons or stickers, but the gifts are bought and paid for with in-game currency known as diamonds, which, in turn, are bought with real actual money.

This is where Bigo Live actually presents young people across Southeast Asia a chance to make real money, as suddenly, you can get paid to go about your day and have someone film it, because once you’ve received these in-game gifts, you’re able to then cash them out for real, genuine, bonafide dollars.

Wait – I can already think of a few problems with Bigo Live!

Yes, we know what you’re thinking, especially given that most of the users on Bigo Live are either teens or young twenty-something-year-olds, but obviously Southeast Asia has some fairly strict laws, a lot of nations where Bigo Live first became popular still hold the death penalty, and as such Bigo Live has had to ensure that a lot of content is cut from the show.

So this means, no nudity, no violence, no smoking or anything else that Bigo Live considers vulgar, which rules out a lot of what you might have been thinking. Moving on past perverts paying teenagers to do things that no teenager ought to be doing for money, Bigo Live has a good reputation to protect.

Having teamed up with China’s YY, Bigo Live incorporated some of their VoIP software into Bigo Live through an agreement that saw YY take a 27.8% share in Bigo Live, which means a lot of Chinese influence, including the relatively strict moral sensibilities when it comes to all things culture.

Bigo Live is a lot of things to different people. To the young kids growing up with 4G on their phones, it’s an opportunity, either for money or for companionship, to cynics and luddites, Bigo Live is an easy target and for people who just like watching people, Bigo Live is the modern day chat roulette, even if chat roulette hadn’t finished being the modern day chat roulette.

Download Bigo Live and see what you think, it’s an app that’s as divisive as it is addictive, but it’s certainly grown rapidly across Southeast Asia and now it’s spreading further afield. Will Bigo Live’s success be replicated worldwide? Find out, download Bigo Live APK free and find out for yourself.

Bigo Live is free to download here

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