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Additional Information of Duolingo: Learn Languages Free for Android

Category: Education
Compatible with: Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)
Version: 3.106.5
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 21.20 MB
Developer: Duolingo
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 04/ 12
MOD: Yes

Description for Duolingo: Learn Languages Free APK

Download Duolingo APK free now! Stop making a blustering fool out of yourself and start learning today! Duolingo is the global phenomenon that’s connecting people in a far more real way than any social media platform could ever hope to do – Duolingo gives you the tools to communicate with real people, in the real world.

Duolingo APK is a wonderful self-improvement app for Android, but even that term “self-improvement” is limiting the power that Duolingo has. Duolingo makes learning easy, allowing you to slot in just a few minutes each day to help build your vocabulary, formalise your grammar and get to grips with a foreign language. Join the 300 million happy Duolingo users today and get ready to learn.

I don’t need Duolingo, I already speak English

Many people don’t realise that while English is often the lingua franca across many countries, Chinese and Spanish are both more widely spoken than English, plus Arabic, Hindi, French and Russian are all not far behind English. Duolingo offers all of these languages, including English, and many more, completely free. Rather than scrolling aimlessly through memes all day, why not do something with your life?

Duolingo is an app on the frontlines of a battle that’s raged since the dawn of man – the fight between ignorance and enlightenment. Anyone claiming they don’t need to speak a second language because they know English is not only furthering the negative stereotypes of English speakers, but also denying themselves free and easy communication with such a huge percentage of the world’s population. Download Duolingo, choose enlightenment.

Duolingo doesn’t underestimate the value of a second language

You might not have to imagine this scenario, because it most likely applies to a good deal of you, but just for a moment, picture yourself working in a 9 – 5 job that you despise. Your boss is a fraudulent charlatan, wicked and cruel. Your company is a vampire on the neck of the economy, you and your colleagues are mere tools in an instrument designed to suck money out of more worthy causes and your office is a giant phallic pillar of glass that separates you from the real world, conditions you with an artificial environment and starves you of the joy you need to nourish the soul.

Not that hard to imagine really, especially given that most companies exist for no reason whatsoever other than to make someone (usually not you) rich – think about the people whose job could literally not exist and society wouldn’t even blink. Anyway, how do you get out? How do you extricate yourself from the trappings of modern working environments? Hint, it’s easier than you think.

Download Duolingo and break free of the confines of your world! If you’ve never thought about punching your boss in the face, quitting your job and hopping on a boat to Cuba, are you even alive? Duolingo helps you bring these fantasies to life by preparing you for the necessary linguistic talents that you’ll need to develop in order to escape.

Learning languages is hard, will Duolingo make it easy for me?

Well Duolingo can’t make you miraculously understand Chinese overnight, you’ll still need to actually put some work in to get to grips with it all, but Duolingo is more than capable of nudging you towards the better version of yourself. Download Duolingo APK and your Android device will become your personal linguistic trainer, pushing you day after day to keep up with your learning.

Numerous studies, far too numerous to mention here, have cited the benefit of learning a foreign language on a daily basis – even if just for a few minutes each day – and so Duolingo has a nifty little feature that reminds you of your ambition, so you can finally tell your boss where to stick his job in another language before fleeing to the sunny coast of a beautiful foreign land.

Download Duolingo and get ready for the next adventure, brush up on the basics and keep at it until you’re fluent. Download Duolingo and you’re opening yourself up to the world in a way that only language can, so download Duolingo APK now and start studying, you never know where it’ll take you.

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