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Additional Information of GBWhatsApp for Android

Category: Communication
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Updated: 2019/ 05/ 13
MOD: Yes

Description for GBWhatsApp APK

Download GBWhatsApp APK free here because if you don’t, you’ll be missing out on more features than you can shake a blue tick at! GBWhatsApp has landed and the messaging game will never be the same because when you download the new version of GBWhatsApp, you’re downloading a little slice of the future. The changes might sound minor, but they fundamentally alter the way you interact with your messaging app, so wrap your head around this brand new set of features that GBWhatsApp is bringing to the table.

First off is the chance to dip under the radar with GBWhatsApp’s new feature that lets you hide when you were last seen – a feature that the original WhatsApp has decided not to address despite the growing demand for it. What’s more, GBWhatsApp has gone one step further too, allowing you to hide the dreaded blue ticks that clearly demark whether or not you’ve read a message.

We’ve all had those moments where, no matter how much you love someone, you just don’t need to be dealing with them right this second and WhatsApp has a nasty habit of betraying you by letting your friends or family know if you’ve read their message. What’s worse is when they see you’ve not read the message, but you were last seen recently – WhatsApp basically tells your nearest and dearest that you don’t love them and nobody needs that kind of negativity.

If you download GBWhatsApp apk, you don’t have this problem – finally, a messaging app that’s got your back. You can even lock conversations if you’d rather the contents of them remained private and didn’t end up on the front pages of every newspaper in a 50 mile radius.

Beyond the sneaky joys of ignoring the people closest to you in life, GBWhatsApp has a couple of other decent features that deserve to be celebrated – first and foremost being the ability to send 90 pictures at once. No, that isn’t a typo, 90 pictures! Regular WhatsApp balks at the idea of letting you send 10, just 10 measly pictures – 10, that’s it, that’s your helping. No more said the creators of GBWhatsApp, so they set out to make file sharing easier, which by being able to send a whopping 90 pictures at once, it certainly is.

So Should I Just Download GBWhatsApp APK Already?

  • Great customisation options available on GBWhatsApp by contrast to regular WhatsApp
  • Easier file sharing – send 90 pictures at once, up to 100MB of audio messages and 50MB of video
  • Disable your audio calls, hide your last seen status and remove the treacherous blue ticks – only on GBWhatsApp
  • GBWhatsApp is basically everything that WhatsApp should have been (and could be?) so yes, you should definitely go ahead and download GBWhatsApp APK

You can download a free copy of GBWhatsApp APK here, so you can be the judge of the new features that sets GBWhatsApp apart from the original. Personally, it’s a no-brainer and highlights the advantages of Android, which, as an OS, lets you download free apps like GBWhatsApp – this is what freedom of choice tastes like.

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