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Google Duo – High Quality Video Calls Mod APK 52.0.243391789.DR52_RC05

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Category: Communication
Compatible with: Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)
Version: 52.0.243391789.DR52_RC05
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 24.2 MB
Developer: Google LLC
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 04/ 17
MOD: Yes

Description for Google Duo – High Quality Video Calls APK

Download Google Duo APK and feel like you’re in the room when you video call someone using your Android device – crisp, lag-free images, audio that purrs with clarity and finally, a video calling app that doesn’t degrade over time. Google Duo has been tested by Signals Research Group and has been found to outperform rival apps such as Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for video calling, giving you consistent quality, no matter how long you stay on the line.

Google Duo has only graced the small screens of Android and iOS for a relatively short time – released in the summer of 2016 – but it’s become an instant hit with anyone looking to make high quality video calls. Google Duo doesn’t reinvent the wheel so much as it just builds a superior wheel. Sure there’s a crowded market for video calling apps these days as various messenger apps strive to build in a video calling feature, but while many it feels like an afterthought for many of Google’s competitors, Google Duo APK has been purpose built and that really shines through when you take a peek at the slick interface.

Simple, intuitive and brimming with high quality features, Google Duo APK is the standout video calling app of our generation, but what else did you expect from the world’s leading search engine? Capable of making video calls in 720p HD but similarly optimised for low-bandwidth network connections, Google Duo isn’t just for those fancy Silicon Valley types with phones so cool they might have come from Mars, Google Duo is a universal app that anyone with any smartphone (almost) can enjoy.

Features to look out for with Google Duo

Boasting an impressive end-to-end encryption that is automatically enabled, Google Duo users are treated to utmost privacy while making calls – no matter where you are in the world, Google Duo puts your security first. Besides the crystal clear video and the stellar audio recognition, Google Duo also brings a few more unique features to the table, like ‘Knock knock’ which enables the recipient of the call to preview the video of who’s calling before they answer. Know what situation you’re about to walk into with Google Duo. According to one Google exec, this is to make video calls feel more like an invitation than an interruption, but you be the judge, download Google Duo APK free here.

Trying to catch up with your technophobic parents? Google Duo is easy enough to use that you won’t have to send out an all-caps set of instructions for 30 minutes before picking up the phone. Armed with a beautifully simplistic interface, Google Duo looks and feels like yet another professional product from Google and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to comparisons with other rival companies.

Few alternative video calling apps offer the reliability of Google Duo APK and for a completely free download with no in-app purchases, Google Duo offers far more bang for your buck. The addition of audio-only calls has helped to push Google Duo further, making it even easier to keep in touch with those who mean the most to you. As far as freedoms go, the ones offered to you by Google Duo are limitless in terms of communication, as the app automatically syncs your contacts, allowing the video (or audio) calls to be made through the phone number as your ID. No need to set up an account or a profile, just find the person you want to call and hit dial – simple.

What does the future hold for Google Duo APK?

Well if you download Google Duo APK free today, then you’re going to have access to a wonderful web of communication tools that Google have been pumping out for a while, but the risk with Google is far more innocuous than data theft or anything of that nature.

It’s more the attitude that Google have been known to release apps with – having been working on creating a communications eco-system for some time now, there have been a whole string of semi-successful apps released by Google. Apps like Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and Google Voice – all of which have either been discontinued or merged into Google Hangouts, which gives the impression that strategy either isn’t at the heart of what Google are doing or if it is, then the end user is a minor factor considered within that strategy. It’s hard to tell how long Google Duo will have as a standalone app, or whether it’ll follow the eventual path of Google communication apps gone by, but it is worth noting that none of these apps were ever bad. They were just mismanaged by the end of it all, although there was technically nothing wrong with them.

Google Duo APK brings hope though as it functions beautifully and has been released as the video/audio calling arm of Google Allo – Google’s own messaging app, akin to WhatsApp and the standard issue messaging app to come preloaded on all Google phones. Google Duo may find itself merged with Google Allo or Hangouts at some point, but for now at least, it’s a standalone app and a gorgeous one at that.

Download Google Duo APK free right here and catch up with anyone, anywhere, any time. Turn your Android into one of the most cutting edge pieces of technology on the planet with this free download of Google Duo APK. Never pay a penny for crystal clear video and audio calls when using WiFi – only with Google Duo, easily one of the top video calling apps available for Android or iOS. Download Google Duo APK free here.

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