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JOOX Music Mod APK 5.6.4

Tencent Mobility Limited Music & audio


Additional Information of JOOX Music for Android

Category: Music & audio
Version: 5.6.4
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 39.51 MB
Developer: Tencent Mobility Limited
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 04/ 21
MOD: Yes

Description for JOOX Music APK

Download JOOX Music APK and gain access to millions upon millions of artists and songs for free! Stream music the way it was supposed to be streamed, for free, only with JOOX Music APK. With one easy to manage download, you can consolidate your musical needs into a single app, just by downloading JOOX Music APK free here.

Boasting a huge library, JOOX Music APK is easily a better alternative to Spotify for one crucial reason – yes, there are adverts on JOOX Music, but they’re not audio ads, just visual ones which you can ignore with ease. JOOX Music APK is the only free music streaming app with uninterrupted listening to artists from across the world, plus JOOX Music hosts over 50 radio stations allowing you to get your hands on the very latest undiscovered bands as well as the biggest tunes.

Download JOOX Music APK and get the musical treats you deserve at a cost you can afford – that is, completely free! Discover new music with our curated playlists, brought to you by music fanatics, worshippers of all different genres and those with their fingers firmly on the pulse of all that is good and holy in the world of music. Only JOOX Music can save you from the monotony of listening to the same music day after day or worse, having that music interspersed with ads that constantly blare out the virtues of a new kind of toothpaste. Choose JOOX Music APK, choose life; a life without music is not a life worth living.

Features on the free version of JOOX Music APK

Besides hosting an incredible range of music available only through JOOX Music APK for free, uninterrupted listening, an incredibly well edited selection of over 50 radio shows broadcasting 24/7 online and a kick-ass group of music nerds compiling the very best and latest of each genre for your playlist consumption, let’s take a look at what else, exactly, JOOX Music APK can offer you.

With the founders of WeChat, (Chinese developers TenCent) owning a considerable share of JOOX Music, the South African music streaming app has really taken off in the last few years, having first seen the light of day around 2015.

You’ll struggle to find a more beautiful music streaming app than JOOX Music, it’s a smooth, sweet looking interface with three main categories – Discover, My Music and JOOX Radio.

  • Discover – this is where you can, shock horror, discover new music. Here you can search for anything from artists, songs, genres or even moods or vibes. JOOX Music deals in pure vibes, the app is a veritable vibe dealer and so the music you can explore through the Discover section is not to be missed. An eclectic selection of household names, plus a huge range of acts that you are yet to hear about.
  • My Music – is unsurprisingly your own music! This means that any tracks, albums or artists you’ve saved on JOOX is then compiled into My Music, interestingly though, JOOX Music APK has the good grace to accept the app’s limitations and also adds any music you have saved locally on your Android device into this section.
  • JOOX Radio – again, self-explanatory really, but JOOX Radio is a genuinely decent feature that I want you think about before you decide to shell out the extra dosh for Spotify, which, yes, has a selection of playlists, but doesn’t really offer the same level of variety and quality with the radio options. You can tell that JOOX have really put a lot of time and effort into their radio productions.

What makes JOOX Music APK interesting is the focus on local content – meaning that, yes of course Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Cannibal Corpse will be there, along with other household brand names in the music biz, but you’ll also get a lot of undiscovered regional acts that probably would go untouched by a wide array of JOOX Music’s competitors.

You can download JOOX Music APK free right here, plug it directly into your ears using headphones and enjoy a lifetime’s worth of music for the low, low cost of … well, nothing. It’s a free download of JOOX Music APK, come on – you know you want it. Download JOOX Music APK free here.

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