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Additional Information of Live Net TV for Android

Category: Entertainment
Version: 4.7
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Updated: 2019/ 05/ 15
MOD: Yes

Description for Live Net TV APK

Have you ever found yourself glued to the sofa, watching Cartoon Network? What it was unnecessary to spend time, stuck in front of a TV to enjoy your favorite channels? Well, with Live Net TV APK download you can enjoy thousands of HD channels, live and on the go.

You heard right, watching any live television broadcast, straight from your Android phone or tablet has become a reality. Think of the many different places you can travel to. Even when located in Asia, you’ll still enjoy all the same channels as Canada, in HD, through the Live Net TV app.

Within just a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to watching the football match, as it airs. Even if you aren’t home, there’s no need to worry about streaming the game. Because the sports channel is already available on your Galaxy S10.

In fact, the best part about this app: it’s safe, free and easy to instantly watch your shows. All you need is to download the app and a third-party video player from your choice.

Using Live Net TV

The Live Net TV app is easy to get comfortable with. All useful features are a tap away from your fingers. What’s more, channels will be divided into categories, based on genre or location.

Such genres include:

  • French
  • Bangla
  • Sports
  • Religious
  • Cooking
  • Documentary

And many more live channels to experience.

Now rather than searching through hundreds of channels, you can swiftly navigate to your shows in seconds. One blink leads you straight to Starz, and in the next blink, you’re already watching Inside Man.

There’s no better way to do this, than with the Live Net TV app.

Downloading Live Net TV to Your Device

We understand, you can’t contain your excitement any longer. Next, let’s get straight to the downloading process.

Allow unknown sources on your device

Before you begin installing Live Net TV APK, you’ll need to make sure your device allows foreign apps to be downloaded. Some may ask how to allow unknown sources to download on your Android. But, it’s fairly simple.

First, go to the Settings on your applications. From there, head to your Security settings tab. Now, you can check and uncheck the Unknown sources checkbox. This will toggle the option on and off.

There you have it.

Install updates

Next, install any updates, when prompted to do so. This will keep your version of Live NetTV APK updated to the latest version. You want to stay up to date at all times.

Almost there, just a few more steps.

Accept terms of service

Now, you’ll need to accept the Terms of service before continuing to the application. Make sure to follow all rules while using Live Net TV. Otherwise you’ll get banned faster than you can open up a channel.

Finally, you can begin scrolling through the selection of live channels and start watching what’s hot.

Pos & Cons of Live Net TV

Before thinking this is the perfect app and overwhelming yourself with content, it’s better to know your app, inside and out. We’ve gathered some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Live Net TV


  • 100 percent free, with no registration or subscription processes. The definitive way to stream live channels online.
  • An extended collection of both television shows and movies for all to enjoy. Get the most out of Live Net TV by taking you device outside with you.
  • The ability to request unavailable titles, not included in the library. This can lead to even more channels added in the near future.
  • Simple and easy user interface.
  • Simple gestures for easy navigation.
  • Live events to keep up with your favorite sporting events. This is awesome!


  • Lack of an electronic guide to programs.
  • Frequent advertisements may seem annoying at times. The app is free, so a few pesky apps isn’t something to complain about.
  • The Live Net TV in not available on the Google Play Store, losing some amount of credibility. This may or may not be an issue to so some users.

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