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Psiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN Mod APK 263

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Additional Information of Psiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN for Android

Category: Communication
Compatible with: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)
Version: 263
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 21.21 MB
Developer: Psiphon Inc.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 04/ 17
MOD: Yes

Description for Psiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN APK

Download Psiphon APK free now and get the VPN you deserve – Psiphon lets you slink your way around the pitfalls common to VPNs by granting you full, unbridled access to the entirety of the internet, while simultaneously keeping your identity thoroughly hidden. Browse freely to your heart’s content, but do it safely, only with Psiphon.

This free download of Psiphon is guaranteed to protect you against the forces of censorship, simply install Psiphon APK on your Android device and from there on out, you’ve got a simple yet highly effective VPN covering your tracks, so now you’re free to see the internet as it was intended. Although we can’t guarantee you’ll stay out of prison, we can all but guarantee it won’t be browsing the internet recklessly that’ll get you there, not if you’re smart, because if you’re smart, you’ll download Psiphon APK free here.

Maybe you haven’t heard of VPNs and are wondering what in the hell this talk of Psiphon and censorship is all about? Well, allow me to don the nerd specs and elucidate on the matter for a short while, hopefully shedding some considerable light on why you should download Psiphon APK for your Android device.

Do you like the internet? If so, you should really download Psiphon

Ahh the internet, what a haven of new ideas! What a bountiful realm of humour, information and education! What a truly liberating tool of the masses! Good old internet, it really is like a faithful dog – one that you can pat and pet, only to be loved in return, but what if I told you that there exist a certain number of people who want to put your dog down. There are those who believe that knowledge is a dangerous thing and as such, they will stop at nothing to restrict your access to the internet.

As such, traversing the internet these days can be risky business for anyone who wishes to avoid being repeatedly cavity-searched at a black-hat site somewhere in international waters. To avoid that, some people will tell you to just avoid certain content on the internet, but I’ll tell you a better way – download Psiphon.

This proactive VPN will cunningly hide your location and trick your Internet Service Provider (ISP) into believing you’re a million miles away, somewhere with more relaxed internet access and a strong non-extradition agreement with whatever country you’re hiding out in. Psiphon can keep you off the radar and out of jail, but only if you’re smart about it.

Like us, Psiphon strongly believe that the internet ought to be free and accessible in full to everyone – well, except maybe convicts serving time in prison, they don’t really deserve it when I think about it. Anyway, provided you’re a free citizen and not a criminal, then you too deserve the internet in all its ghastly glory! Psiphon promises to make good on this promise and deliver just that.

I’m a technophobe and I live in the past, is Psiphon easy to use?

Naturally, Psiphon APK is so simple to download and install, it’s easily achievable – even for you, you technologically illiterate monster! In fact, not only does it take less than 10 minutes to download Psiphon and install it on Android or Windows, Psiphon creators even included a cheeky little guide that will help you with the basics of setting up Psiphon APK – plus, said list comes with advice for what you want to achieve with Psiphon VPN.

Well, your anonymity might not be 100% protected through Psiphon – it never is 100% impossible to tell who it is, unless you’re some next level Russian hacker, but if you were, you wouldn’t say so. The point is, if you want to access banned content, Psiphon functions beautifully, allowing HD streaming with minimal issues, but it won’t entirely hide your online activity.

Mainly due to the fact that, as much as Psiphon hate censorship, they also love money and their services are of such good quality because they’re funded by advertisers, advertisers who’re gleefully scooping up your data with both hands and selling it to third-party companies, who in turn will try to market some more crap you don’t need at you.

Is this reason to hate Psiphon and start an angry mob toting pitchforks and flaming torches? No, not really – in this day and age, almost everyone is trying to sell you something and nowadays, your data can be more valuable than your internal organs. Either way, the point is, Psiphon offer their services for free and allow you to get around the government erected barricades with ease – even if their advertisers are tracking your data usage.

It’s a solid VPN to download, in fact Psiphon is one of the top VPNs you can download for free, so it’s worth taking advantage of this rare deal where you can get a high performing VPN that’s compatible with Android and Windows, one that’s available in numerous languages, so you can get it set up, no matter where you are in the world. Download Psiphon APK free here and access the internet, the whole internet and nothing but the internet, only with this free download of Psiphon. Download Psiphon VPN free here.

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