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Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds Mod APK 10.4.6

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Additional Information of Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds for Android

Category: Health & fitness
Compatible with: 5.0
Version: 10.4.6
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 47.03 MB
Developer: Ipnos Software
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 05/ 23
MOD: Yes

Description for Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds APK

This is Relax Melodies, back at it with ‘Sleep Sounds.’ This is an APK download designed not to waste your time, destroy your braincells, or get you to spend money on its micro-transactions – this app is designed to help you sleep.

Sleep is one of our modern generation’s greatest issues. Much too much time is spent plugged into screens directly before it’s time to shut your eyes. Not only is your brain over-active, the light from your devices interrupts your body’s natural attempt at trying to sleep.

There are all sorts of cures out there touted by other apps, medicines from the doctor, or other strange remedies that might fix you up, but really one of the nicest ways to fall asleep is to download this APK of Relax Melodies and choose some pleasant music to drift off to.

Who should download Relax Melodies apk?

If you suffer from insomnia, night time anxiety, or tinnitus…or a combination of all 3, or something else entirely…we recommend you download this sleeping sounds app. You can take control of the music rather than listen to a set YouTube playlist (often featuring random really LOUD adverts just as you’re about to drift off.)

Available Sleep Sounds

Any app worth downloading should come packed out with available resources. Relax Melodies does just that. There are over 50 free relaxation sounds (with over 100 sounds if you decide you like the app enough to go for the Premium package.) Yes. You need to pay for this app. Download it for free as an apk then sink a couple hundred bucks into it.

These include sounds such as:

White Noise – these are noises that classed as normal ‘background noises’. These include sounds like a hair dryer blowing, an airplane cruising, a dryer drying, a vacuum vacuuming, and the lovely subtle hum of a fan humming you to sleep. Sound idyllic and drearily dystopian? This is the app for you.

Water Sounds – Ah, here we go. Natural sounds. These sounds might make you flood your bed with a warm, bodily-processed soda-lake but they’ll definitely get you to sleep. These sounds include things such as a rainstorm, the ocean, slow waves or lapping water. Nothing quite like falling asleep next to the beach, even if you are sixteen stories up in the middle of Manhattan.

Meditation Music – This one isn’t for the fainthearted. Meditative sounds usually include rhythm humming and verging on cult-like humming. If you can look past the sinister, murder-y stuff then you’ll enjoy these voices, instruments and ambient melodies.

Nature Sounds – More of the beautiful natural world, captured in audio form! This includes the wind, breezing through a range of objects, including your Grandma’s washing on the line, a deciduous tree, and the feathers of your much-loved parakeet. If you prefer rustling leaves – rustling in the wind we might add, not rustled by an intruder in your garden – then you’ll probably like this sound set. Oh yes, it also includes the twittering of birds and a lovely crackling fire. Hopefully not confused with a real house fire, hey!

Still struggling to sleep even with all these fantastic sounds being blasted into your ears?


Meditation for Sleep

This is a handy guide that comes along with the app. It will help you arrange your different sleep sounds and white noise in a way that is most beneficial to your ears and heart. Because that’s right – this app leaves you with a bunch of wacky sounds that you need to somehow create to form the perfect night-time melody.

Don’t worry. The creators of the app know you’re barely able to fall asleep unassisted so they added in some guides to help you with the following sleep-crippling conditions:

  • Insomnia. The most evil on the list. Everyone has suffered from insomnia at some point. Doctors recommend many things to help with this condition. Establish a habit, something creative, or something which uses your body, and do it before you sleep. Such as drawing, writing, or running around a local lake. Alternatively, you could download Relax Melodies as an apk and play some sounds while you drift off.
  • Tinnitus. We always told you not to shove stuff in your ear. No rocks, toothpicks or the end of your toothbrush. Now your ear is permanently damaged and you’ll forever hear the sharp, stinging reminder of your own stupidity. If you contracted tinnitus without shoving something in your ear, we are deeply sorry for you. It’s a medical condition we know little about and drowning it out with the sounds of water and birds is certainly a step in the right direction.
  • Stress and anxiety. Another sleep-destroyer, this one. If you get spooked by the imaginary bats in your room or your clothes rail looks like a gang out to cut your ears off, then we recommend blocking all that nastiness out with some sounds of rain falling on a corrugated rooftop. Relax Melodies has this and other pleasant sounds to keep you sane and focused on your next lovely dream.
  • Dreams. Dreams are intense, full of flavor. Sometimes they’re more like Acid than a glass of milk. Sting your brain-mouth to a flaky skin consistency and leave you awake for the next sixteen hours. Sometimes dreams are a dream, and sometimes they are nightmares. These relaxing sounds are designed specifically to create a virtual universe inside your noggin as you fall asleep.
  • Napping. Everyone wants to nap pretty much all the time. Right? At work, nap. On the bus, nap. Talking with your best friend, nap. Doesn’t matter where or when or what time of day it is, you just want to lie down your head and forget about the outside world. Here’s where these relaxing sounds come in. Either play them through headphones so you can block out the sound of the man next to you on the train eating crisps, coughing, and snotting all over himself, or blast them at an extreme volume in your bedroom to block out the sound of your parent’s arguing.


  • No bedtime is complete without spending a good hour or so configuring your app so it knows when you fall asleep, or to remind you when it’s time to go to sleep, or a timer so that you wake up on time with a nice smooth re-entering to your life, or even a list of your favorite sounds so you can slip into the mundane routine of birds-waterfall-trees rustling for the rest of the week.

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