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Additional Information of SHAREit – Transfer & Share for Android

Category: Tools
Compatible with: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Version: 5.4.8_ww
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 32.12 MB
Developer: SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 02/ 14
MOD: Yes

Description for SHAREit – Transfer & Share APK

Download SHAREit APK free here and solve your file sharing problems forever! SHAREit is an innovative app developed by SHAREit Information Technology in 2015 and played a pivotal role in shifting technology beyond Bluetooth and USB when it comes to file sharing.

For those too young to remember the days when Bluetooth was the only means in which you could transfer a file, please bear in mind it probably would’ve been faster to rebuilt a photo, pixel by pixel, than it was to share via Bluetooth. Apps like SHAREit and their developers have created online software that operates over WiFi, meaning your files can be shared over 200 times faster than even the most advanced Bluetooth can now.

SHAREit and their competitors were also responsible for aiding in the jump from USB transference methods, which are still used today but are often more riddled with viruses than a backpacker returning home after a stint in Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy.

You mean I can download SHAREit APK free right here, right now?

That’s exactly what I mean, SHAREit is entirely free to use and offers you the safest, fastest and most versatile means of sharing files with friends. So if you happen to have stumbled across one of those chuckle-inducing videos that pops up on the internet from time to time, you can download yourself a copy of it and then using the wonder of SHAREit – send it to your friends in seconds.

SHAREit boasts a menacing 20MB p/second transfer speed and lets you send music, videos, apps and other delightful file types as you need them.

Not only does SHAREit do all of this, but when you download SHAREit, you’re not just getting a free download of the world’s most sophisticated commercial file sharing app, you’re also getting a video player and music player for free. Both players retain the quality of the video or audio that you’re sending across to your chums, so there’s never any disappointment when you receive your mate’s latest daredevil stunt that he filmed last weekend, unless you were secretly hoping your mate would be hideously maimed or mauled during the filming of his stunt, but don’t blame SHAREit for that.
Download SHAREit free here, it’s an insanely useful tool in today’s digital world and there’s never a shortage of moments in life where I don’t stop what I’m doing, stand up and solemnly thank SHAREit out loud for the sheer ease with which it enables me to share files with my friends, family and colleagues.

Whether it’s your little cousin’s first steps, CCTV footage of you preventing an armed robbery or just another load of boring old work documents – SHAREit lets you transfer them all directly to who you need to get them to in seconds, freeing you up for more interesting aspects of life.

Download SHAREit APK free for Android and all of your file sharing nightmares end here.

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