Telegram Mod APK 6.0.1

Telegram FZ-LLC Communication


Additional Information of Telegram for Android

Category: Communication
Version: 6.0.1
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 32.95 MB
Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 04/ 17
MOD: Yes

Description for Telegram APK

Download Telegram APK and join the 200 million users who’ve already seen the light and walked to bask in the glow of Telegram, the world’s most powerful instant messaging app. With more features than Rambo has confirmed kills, Telegram APK is a tasty slice of security through its unique encryption methods and enables you to chat in complete secrecy, safe in the knowledge that you’ll never be discovered by hackers, the government or your girlfriend.

Fancy sleuthing around? Using Telegram is the only way to make sure that your conversations are safe from prying eyes, or at least safe from unwanted intrusions into your Android device – it still can’t stop people from looking over your shoulder while you’re typing. Telegram is a pure messaging app, more secure than WhatsApp, more reliable than Facebook Messenger and amazingly, Telegram’s still free to download, which you can do on this very page.

Ever since the NSA revealed that they’ve been spying on the American people, aided and abetted by British GCHQ, people have been more convinced of the need for end to end encryption as a means of protecting their data against the ears and eyes of the powers that be. Especially since the revelation that data is essentially set to be the new gold, a currency in which to deal, a vehicle for power and a wealth of valuable personal information that, more often than not, we tend to give away freely. Telegram rides high on this new wave of justified paranoia and serves as a reminder as to why you should always aim to cover your ass a little bit more, regardless of what you’re up to online.

So what can I do with Telegram APK and should I download Telegram?

Well if you don’t want Facebook to sell off all your data to large corporations (at a profit) and then have those large corporations target you with personalised ads, marketing strategies and potentially election altering misinformation, then yes, you should probably download Telegram APK. The developers of Telegram, Telegram FZ LLC, were rounded up by a pair of Russians, who naturally enough, take their privacy and security very seriously, given that nobody’s ever safe in Russia. The wrong message to the wrong person could see you withering away in a gulag if it’s deemed something that makes you an enemy of the state. Not that this sort of thing doesn’t happen elsewhere (think Guantanamo Bay) but Russia’s notorious for it, sort of like China.

Telegram APK aims to give you a better chance of levelling the playing field when you’re up against G men, FBI hackers and regular ne’er do-well types who might want to purloin your personal details and data. Enhancing their encryption with a unique cryptography, Telegram shunned the regular encryption methods favoured by WhatsApp and while it’s still difficult to prove empirically if Telegram is better than WhatsApp, the entire point of Telegram was to give people more of a chance to speak freely. It’s worth mentioning that Telegram organised two hacking competitions, with cash prizes of $200,000 and $300,000 offered to anyone who could disclose the secret information that was sent between two computer controlled Telegram users. Nobody won the cash. Just saying.

Aside from security, what features does Telegram APK have?

Fast, synced and unlimited communications await when you download Telegram APK – which operates just as well in places with low internet penetration as it does in places like South Korea, where even the public toilets have incredible free WiFi. Not only this, but if you have Telegram installed on multiple devices, then you can rest easy knowing that they’ll all be synced instantly and you won’t have to go about downloading updates all the time just to switch interchangeably between PC and Android device. However, one of the most innovative elements of Telegram is the fact that you can have group chats consisting of up to 100,000 people!

This means you can share incredibly large files over Telegram APK with no limitations on the file size, file type or the number of people you send it to simultaneously. What’s more, Telegram doesn’t eat up your hard drive space with the chat files – everything is stored on Telegram’s unique secure cloud, meaning you won’t be losing space on your device just for having a few 100,000 people strong chats on the go.

Despite boasting a photo and video editor that shames many standalone apps that focus solely on this, Telegram retains a beautifully minimalist interface that makes it incredibly simple and smooth to operate. It’s reliable on almost any device built within the last five years and works fine no matter how poor your mobile connection is.

Arguably the best part of Telegram is the fact that it’s defiantly free – no ads, no third-party data sales and no subscription fees, which Telegram have guaranteed they will never introduce to the app as they wish to preserve the integrity of Telegram APK. If you’re really into your privacy, then there are even the Secret Messages settings that you can activate to ensure that every message you send will self-destruct once it’s been read. This applies not just to messages, but also to content such as photos, videos and other file types, so I’ll just let you have a little ponder on the possibilities that this particular feature could have in store for you. Remember, the Secret Messages setting will delete the message from both the sender and recipient’s chats.

Telegram APK is a mobile messaging app that’s unafraid to push the boundaries – the fact that it’s been banned in a few countries already amid security concerns should tell you all you need to know: people in power are scared of what people without power might do once they’ve downloaded Telegram APK. Telegram APK is an app that scoffs in the face of censorship and represents the essential freedom of being able to communicate without being spied on, observed or being worried about the consequences brought down on you by outside forces. Download Telegram APK free here and get the ultimate in privacy protected messaging. You can download Telegram APK free right here.

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