Venmo Mobile Wallet: Send & Receive Money

Venmo Mobile Wallet: Send & Receive Money Mod APK 7.49.1

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Additional Information of Venmo Mobile Wallet: Send & Receive Money for Android

Category: Finance
Compatible with: 5.0
Version: 7.49.1
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 10.59 MB
Developer: PayPal, Inc.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 04/ 15
MOD: Yes

Description for Venmo Mobile Wallet: Send & Receive Money APK

Download Venmo APK free now and join the digital revolution – your life will probably never be the same again after you download Venmo for your Android device. Sure you’ve already got your online banking app on your Android device, but now with Venmo, payments are simpler – you can pay anyone, anytime and ensure that the money goes through instantly.

How does Venmo even work, I’m confused!

Hush now little one, Venmo’s simpler to use than shoelaces, so brace yourself for the quickest breakdown of how to install and use Venmo, plus a quick guide to some of the most important features of Venmo.

  • Simply download Venmo APK free and install it
  • Link your bank account and debit/credit card to your Venmo account
  • Track down your friends, family and whoever else you want to send money to using Venmo
  • Depostit money to Venmo, send it to a friend, it won’t come out of your bank account until they cash the money into their bank account, which could mean the money stays on Venmo

So this is it essentially – think of Venmo as a digital wallet, but one that’s linked to your bank account and has all of your friends and contacts stored in there for easy access.

Venmo APK lets you take money and put it on the app, that comes from your bank account. When you send it to a friend to split the bill for something, they can either cash it into their own bank account (allow 1-3 working days for this) or they can leave it on Venmo for the next time they need to pay someone back.

The features that Venmo has recently added have given the PayPal owned app a little bit more scope and reach;

  • You can now use Venmo to pay in a lot of online shops
  • Venmo codes help you make sure you’re sending your money to the right person
  • Use of voice-command assistants to make payments and transfers
  • Group accounts for those overly complex scenarios

Why should I use Venmo? What are the benefits of Venmo?

Venmo takes that toe-curling moment when you have to ask a friend for their share of last night’s wild bender and turns it into a cheeky app-based mis-reality – does asking for money over an app somehow sugar the pill? According to most Venmo users, yes! Somehow, by not using “real” money (more on this later) and by not having to stare into the hungover eyes of your partner in crime, it’s easier to go about the business of requesting the money you’re owed.

Rather than making an awkward shuffling of the feet and stumbling over your words, Venmo lets you be a little more forthright with your assertions and lets you have a little bit more fun with how you dress the message up, so you can master the tone of the request.

There are a lot of reasons that Venmo has become the number one go to payment app for youths and millennial types, but realistically – Venmo APK is a universally beneficial app, the distinct lack of fees (when using debit cards), the pristine security, the ease and speed of Venmo make it that much easier to manage that adding someone to a list of contacts approved by your bank to send money to. Venmo also makes it a lot simpler trying to work out who owes what, which is a big draw as it encompasses apps that solely deal with this, like Splitwise.

Is Venmo a financial revolution or just another app of convenience for the screen masses? You decide, download Venmo APK free here and find out whether you trust PayPal’s latest innovation with your hard-earned cash. Download Venmo free – it’s probably going to make life easier for you and doubtless, someone else will be richer for you doing it, even though it’s free to download Venmo APK right here.

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