WeChat Mod APK 7.0.12

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Additional Information of WeChat for Android

Category: Communication
Compatible with: Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)
Version: 7.0.12
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 106.36 MB
Developer: WeChat
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 04/ 08
MOD: Yes

Description for WeChat APK

Download WeChat APK for your Android device and gain access to one of the largest online messaging apps to have ever graced the internet. Predominantly down to the sheer volume of Chinese users, WeChat’s popularity is creeping beyond the borders of the Great Firewall of China, but many users are suspicious.

WeChat, like all the other apps of its ilk on the market is free to download, features the ability to send multimedia messages, make calls and video calls, you can apply hilarious looking stickers all over your messages or on your WeChat dashboard – or rather they would be hilarious if you’d just woken up from a coma and found yourself heavily sedated and surrounded by a bunch of nurses and doctors who all resembled retired game show hosts.

So what makes WeChat different from other messaging APKs?

WeChat APK was developed by Tencent, which is no bad thing in itself – drag your eyes across the digital history books and Tencent were generally regarded an underdog of the Chinese tech game, unable to compete with the bigger boys in the sandbox, like Alibaba and Baidu.

Flash forward to now and Baidu have been surpassed, while Alibaba hold their lead over Tencent by a very slim margin. The reason; WeChat.

WeChat APK slotted into the exact right place at the exact right time to take over like a meteor in reverse and has grown bigger than the brain tumour that’ll likely kill you. WeChat APK is as ubiquitous in China now as smog is in Bejing, but the smog is probably less likely to report your data back to the government.

It’s that time again folks, where I have to don the hat of full disclosure and explain to you that yes, WeChat APK is owned by Tencent, a Chinese company that must legally comply with Chinese laws, which include, but are in no way limited to, handing over lots of user data from apps. WeChat APK already has 890 million users, most of them based in a country with a population of 1.386 billion, which is obviously, a lot of data.

Will I be safe using WeChat if I’m not Chinese?

To everyone else, it’s a tough question. WeChat APK is one of the most popular apps in the world for a reason that isn’t just China’s big. It’s universal enough that almost anyone can use it provided they’ve seen a phone in the last 15 years, yet remains versatile enough to appeal to a broad base of users.

Plus in China there’s a whole heap of features and functions for WeChat APK that don’t apply to most other countries, you can pay for your takeouts, sort out your medical records and do all of your shopping through WeChat APK if you’re a Chinese user in China.

For everyone else, there’s Mastercard, or hunks of gold or severed toes – whatever happens to be considered valuable in your country at the time. WeChat APK doesn’t let you do all the stuff you can do with it in China, but maybe that’s not so bad. One back hack or misguided update from WeChat APK and people could gain access to a huge amount of sensitive information from an incredible amount of people – hence the dangers of stockpiling all of your daily tasks in one easy to use app.

Tencent have stated publicly that WeChat doesn’t store any of your data, doesn’t analyse the content of your chats and definitely isn’t watching your WeChat app every single day. However, Chinese laws basically render this statement to be pretty much fraudulent, or at best, misleading.

Chinese law requires internet companies like Tencent to store at least six months worth of data on users to “assist with law enforcement” – take from that what you will. A new amendment to that bill passed in China recently, making tech companies like Tencent responsible for content posted in their apps – in this case, WeChat APK.

This means Tencent has to implement at credit rating system on group chats based on the content of those chats, which means – obviously – that they have to read your messages by order of the Chinese government. Is WeChat worth it? Download it to your Android device and see what happens, maybe you’ve got nothing to hide, maybe you’re a spineless cretin who’s totally cool with governments spying on their citizens, or maybe you just really love those stickers. Download WeChat APK free here and start your own Big Brother adventure today.

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