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Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing Mod APK 5.8.7 (US)

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Additional Information of Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing for Android

Category: Tools
Compatible with: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Version: 5.8.7 (US)
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 10.0 MB
Developer: Dewmobile, Inc.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 04/ 17
MOD: Yes

Description for Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing APK

Download Zapya APK the ultimate file sharing app that lets you move files from one phone to another without using any form of internet connection – no WiFi, no data and Zapya is completely free to download and to use. Get your mitts on the latest technological revolution and harness the power of the QR code to send files, photos and short videos to your mates in seconds.

Available in 20 languages, Zapya is a powerful file sharing app that doesn’t even need an internet connection! We may live in turbulent times, but there are some life rafts of stability to cling to as the tide of progress washes us ever further from shore. Wireless internet was hailed as a revolution, freeing us up from the ensnaring entanglements of Ethernet cables that used to snake across office floors and walls, but while some parts of the world enjoy seamless WiFi connections, there are those of us who wade through the boggy land of patchy connections on a daily basis.

For all those times when the internet dies, but you need to get an urgent document to a colleague or co-worker, what can you do? Staple it to a carrier pigeon? Drive it over to them? Use the large Hadron collider to cause a temporal rift in the fabric of the universe and then hope that your document makes it through the hole you’ve just punched in reality and somehow finds its way to the recipient? All of these are great ideas, albeit grotesquely impractical ones, meanwhile Zapya allows you to finally get those documents across to the right person’s device in seconds without an Ethernet cable in sight!

How does this marvellous Zapya APK work then?

Sharing files without incurring data charges or relying on a stable internet connection might sound like a dream that can never be fully realised, but with Zapya it’s a very real possibility. Zapya APK allows two users to create a WiFi hotspot between the two devices, whether they’re Androids, iPhones or just your laptop or PC. The WiFi hotspot is created much in the way that Bluetooth connections were created, but using QR codes, Zapya works much faster than Bluetooth.

However, this does mean that both users and their devices will need to be in close proximity – you can’t use Zapya to send a file halfway around the world, but you can use it to send something across the office. The sender generates a QR code on their phone and in order to receive it, the recipient must scan the sender’s QR code using their own QR scanner, once this is done, the connection will be established and the files transferred directly.

So Zapya is just another fancy file sharing app then?

Yes and no – Zapya is so much more than just another file sharing app, although the primary focus of the mobile app is to allow for file sharing and file backups to be done in countries where internet penetration is low or connections are regarded as unstable.

Zapya APK is the app to download for all your file sharing needs if you live with the immutable horror of dodgy WiFi as so many of us do. You ought to download Zapya if you’re constantly dealing with slow or unreliable internet and need to get files sent across to others.

However, when you download Zapya, you’re not just downloading the most innovative file sharing app known to man, you’re also downloading an incredible social platform. Zapya APK allows all users, worldwide, to share short videos onto their social platform, meaning you can download or view any video from any user on Zapya APK. The Zapya app is not just a peer-to-peer file sharing app, but it’s also a means of discovering new videos, new cultures and new ways of thinking. Get a few seconds glimpsing into the lives of others, only with Zapya APK.

Any other features I should know about before I download Zapya APK?

Of course there are! Zapya isn’t a one-trick pony, it’s more of a multi-tool stallion – Zapya is also the perfect app to download if you need to ensure your data is safe when you want to backup a device. Zapya has a setting that allows you to replicate your Android or iPhone – meaning you can save all of your photos, videos, messages, contacts and your apps and the preferences or settings in each of them.

This is an amazing little feature to have on Zapya when you’re getting a new device, you can store the entirety of your phone’s consciousness in Zapya and transfer it to your new device or directly onto your PC, laptop or hard drive for safe keeping. Why run the risk of losing anything precious when you can just download Zapya APK for free here on this page?

As I mentioned, Zapya is available in 20 languages, English, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Persian, Tamil, Malayalam, Telegu, Malay, Turkish, Korean, and Portuguese. This means that wherever you are in the world, Zapya is going to be the app that works for you.

Zapya also comes with a few nifty features regarding group chats and allows you to create offline groups through which you can chat and share files, which is a great feature to have when you’re all working in the same office and are cursed with the same abysmal WiFi. Get your free download of Zapya APK right here on this very page, start chatting more, start sharing more – share that happiness, spread it like butter on a warm crumpet, download Zapya APK free here.

Download Zapya APK free here and turn your Android or iPhone into the offline file sharing miracle that it’s always deserved to be. Not convinced? Not a problem, Zapya APK is free to download so if you don’t think it’s for you, the choice is yours, but even for those who live with an abundance of WiFi and data connections, there’ll come a time when you need to share a file and are trapped in an underground tunnel, then you’ll wish you’d downloaded Zapya APK. Don’t get caught out, download Zapya APK free today.

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