Driver Test: Crossroads

Driver Test: Crossroads Mod APK 3.3

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Kategorie: Bildung
Kompatibel mit: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)
Version: 3.3
Preis: Free
Autor: Harry Alston
Größe: 17.9 MB
Entwickler Koliuzhnov Viacheslav
Hol es dir auf: Google Play
Aktualisiert: 2019/ 02/ 14
MOD: Yes

Beschreibung für Driver Test: Crossroads APK

Download Driver Test: Crossroads APK and turn your Android device into a handheld driving instructor as you follow the guidance of the app and learn the theoretical nuances of driving through intersections and crossroads. This free app has already had over 1 million installs since its release this year.

We all know someone who really ought to get Driver Test: Crossroads – you know, that one mate who just seems to panic at the sight of a junction and accelerates like a lunatic into traffic. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming driving test or if you’re a seasoned veteran trucker, Driver Test: Crossroads tests your expertise on an element of driving that countless millions clearly struggle with.

This incredible driving simulator gives you a realistic driving experience as you navigate the roads and learn along the way. For those who struggle with telling their left from their right or for anyone intimidated by a roundabout, this app helps you build the confidence you need to get out on a real road without becoming a vehicular menace. Driver Test: Crossroads APK is one of the many wonderful educational apps available for Android, but few driving simulators offer such technical insight into the theory of driving as Driver Test: Crossroads.

Download Driver Test: Crossroads APK for the full driving experience – only available free on Android. Already the roads are jam packed with awful jackasses who don’t seem to know where the indicator is or act like they’re the only people on the road – don’t be like these fools, learn, grow and develop your driving skills with Driver Test: Crossroads.

Many driving simulators don’t offer a realistic experience, but Android’s Driver Test: Crossroads lets you set the traffic density and sends you hurtling through a series of busy junctions, intersections and crossroads. This is designed to train you to understand how an intersection should work, giving you a better understanding of how other cars will behave in certain situations and what’s expected from you as a driver.

A fully interactive world awaits with you download Driver Test: Crossroads – one populated with all kinds of vehicles, pedestrians and – of course – as the name suggests, crossroads. This is to familiarise the would-be driver with the very real perils that various vehicles can present on the road.

What to expect from Driver Test: Crossroads?

  • Driver Test: Crossroads builds a kinetically realistic world where traffic obeys the rules of the road
  • Choose from an exciting range of intersections, junctions and crossroads to master
  • Overcome your anxiety and learn to drive!

To get the full experience of the hottest driving simulator to hit Android in some time, download Driver Test: Crossroads for free here now. This educational driving app is fully loaded with tips, tricks and good guidance for all your driving needs. Take the tests by downloading the free Driver Test: Crossroads APK for Android now to see how you stack up against your fellow road warriors.

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