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Catégorie: Arcade
Compatible avec: Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)
Version: 3.7.8
Prix: Free
Auteur: Harry Alston
Taille: 46.63 MB
Développeur VOODOO
Obtenez-le sur: Google Play
Mis à jour: 2020/ 03/ 05
MOD: Yes

Description for APK is an addictive game that you can download for free as an APK today. Jump into the competitive world of different colored blocks trying to outwit each other. You must duke it out in an online world that has supercharged the free game genre with lots of awesome .io titles!

In you must gather as much of the land you can and turn the world your color. Don’t hit your own trail, but try and hit others. Knock out the leaders and then defend your turf with some slow progression. Build a colored empire section by section, being careful not to get caught out by a fast newcomer. This is a classic game that can be enjoyed for hours and hours – download it on APKNite now.

Extra bonus…you don’t even need an internet connection thanks to the game’s clever A.I opponents!

Different Game Modes in

There are lots of different game-modes to choose form. In classic for Android you simply play at a regular speed and try to reach the top of the leaderboard.

However, there are lots of other cool types. Like Small Map – where the fun is much more intense because everyone is closer together! You’ll have lots of cool skirmishes with other players.

Or, if prefer that fast-paced lifestyle, try the Super Speed game modes! Much quicker action but much easier to get toasted. If you want a combination of both those crazy modes…try the Super Fast Small Map! About as intense as it gets.

If you wanna slow down, no worries. You can play the Turtle mode and take things slowly. This is pretty zen and might put you to sleep…in a good way.

Relax or fight fast in, an awesome free APK app you can download today!

Skins and more

Beyond all the cool game modes and fun .io ranking system that inspires a lot of competitive gameplay, you can also deck your Paper out with a cool skin. Like a duck. And a lot of different skins! Some skins are unlocked by completing challenges whereas others can be collected by liking their Twitter page or visiting other social media.

Some of them are really funny, like the cute little Minion skin.

Try out, an excellent Android game that you can play today for free using an APK app – wherever you are in the world!

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