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Download ARK: Survival Evolved apk and ride your favorite dinosaurs out of extinction and onto the battlefield in this epic prehistoric survival game. Track and tame dinosaurs, gather a team, build a base and then charge into glorious battle against rival clans – ARK is a must have Android game.

This detailed game brings a whole lot of Jurassic-era madness to the small screen in this epic first person survival game where your tribe must fight just to live another day. Thankfully though, you’re not doing this alone – you’ve got over 80 dinosaurs to enlist in your army. Only the very best FPS games let you shoot a bow and arrow from atop a dinosaur while charging into battle, and this is what ARK: Survival Evolved does.

You mean I can live out my fantasy of riding a dinosaur if I download ARK: Survival Evolved?

Yes. Yes, you can. ARK sets you as a fledgling human, alone initially in the vast open world of prehistoric Jurassic period. Roam through jungles, charge across the great plains and scramble up mountains as your scour the land for the most vicious, brutal dinosaurs to capture.

After a short period of coaxing the dinosaur with a big pointy stick, you befriend these colossal beasts and then it’s time to start building a tribe. For a tribe, naturally enough, you’ll need to find other survivors and have them recognize you as their leader by riding into town on a big-ass dinosaur that’s 80% teeth and 20% terrifying mass of leathery flesh.

Got your dino? Ready to absolutely maul some folks with the help of your tribe, well in order to gain the resources you’ll need to survive, you’re going to have to take on some pretty big monsters – Woolly Mammoths might look like a cute albeit massive pet, but in reality we all want to know what Mammoth steak tastes like, even the vegans that walk among us.

What’s the endgame in ARK: Survival Evolved?

ARK is no acronym – you’re sole purpose for existing in this game is to be able to round up various tribes of survivors, use your dinosaur allies to survive the living, breathing hell that is ARK’s landscape and then you must escape on an ark.

Think like Noah, but less God-squad tomfoolery, more giant lizards. Don’t worry though, you’re not limited to just T-Rex’s and Raptors in this game: you can attack by land, air and sea – so long as you’re prepared to get pretty creative when it comes to taming your dinosaurs.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a massive online game – the tribes you encounter are all other players, so whether you want to join them, fight them or just steal some nice juicy Mammoth steaks while they sleep, it’s up to you. This Android game lets you decide whether you want to be a lone wolf stalking the skies atop a Pterodactyl or run with the Raptors as you and your Jurassic street gang take down a pack of Sabre-tooth Tigers.

There is another game mode, which is just a one player campaign, but the real fun lies in exploring the online community and the near limitless world of ARK.. Download ARK: Survival Evolved and start hunting dinosaurs, jabbing Mammoths in the face with pointy sticks and crafting new, innovative weapons with which to make your escape from the Jurassic era.

Download this AP free here for Android. This game is available only for Android devices that have over 3GB of RAM due to the sheer scale and awesomeness of this game – if your device isn’t good enough to play this game, then just throw it away, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

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