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Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World Mod APK 1.041.03

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Additional Information of Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World for Android

Category: Role playing
Compatible with: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Version: 1.041.03
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 123.46 MB
Developer: Lockwood Publishing Ltd
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 11
MOD: Yes

Description for Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World APK

Welcome to the world of Avakin Life, a 3D virtual world ready and waiting to be explored after a quick APK download for Android. This apk mod allows you to play even the latest updates of this super popular game totally for free. The main premise of 3D virtual worlds like this, and so many games before it, is to meet people, dress-up and go out to hit the virtual town! Avakin takes itself seriously, so it offers you plenty of options when it comes to what you look like, where you live and how it’s decorated and offers you a wide range of magical virtual destinations to visit, explore and enjoy.

This is true role-playing. Avakin style. There are millions of people who’ve downloaded this game, though we’re not sure how many people actually continue to PLAY this game. Either way, once you create your avatar it’s pretty easy to find out for yourself. Head out into the virtual wilderness and make some new friends and share stories with real people from all over the world, all safe and sound from the comfort of your sofa and imaginary mental state.

Avakin mod apk offers a very exciting and vibrant world, which we’ll go into more detail about below, but the main goal is to allow you to escape everyday life and become the person you have always dreamed of becoming. There have been many games like this in the past but Avakin life is the most recent and newly updated game for Android. There are a range of cool features in the game and plenty of reasons why you should download and play today. Take for example the dress-up options, or the house decoration options, or head to the shops! Buy clothes from brand new and hot brands, develop your very own cat-walk fashion! Garner all the attention as you take over the world of Avakin Life. Attend exotic parties with your new friends. Show off your dream property.

What You Do In Avakin Life, Or in Virtual World Games in General

We’ve already given you a little rundown, but here are the specifics in Avakin style. Check it out now.

Design You, As An Avatar

  • The whole point of role-playing and simulation games is that YOU choose what you look like. Total freedom to control your look and manage your style.  Take a beret, turn it inside out and stick some paper snails to its rim. Upturn those jeans, you’re going for an 80s look to appeal to the older folks out there in this virtual world. Why wouldn’t you? That’s what you like, right? And you can get real specific in Avakin. Choose your figure, oh, at last, your hair, better than balding spots now, your eye colour, from dead-brown to sparkling blue, and so many more options.
  • Now you look like the ideal human being according to trash television. Great. Now you get to dress up in the most generically beautiful way you can find. Actually, the Avakin promotional material says ‘Go cute’ or ‘Go crazy’ but we both know that crazy is about as mad as downloading this game in the first place. Sure, you can change your look in some ways but for the most part, you are sticking to the default skin unless you want to spend several hundred dollars on the game.
  • Looking fabulous and at a relatively ‘i’m-losing-my-mind’ state of mind? Perfect. It’s time to settle in and enjoy the best experiences Avakin mod apk has to offer. Go out there and socialize with your newfound confidence, certain for a moment in your meandering existence that you have a purpose, that someone finally cares about your new pair of shoes and doesn’t look past you at the much more attractive/successful/funny human beings inhabiting planet earth.

Chatting With TOTAL STRANGERS On The Internet

  • This is absolutely the paramount of entertainment. If you’ve ever spent a moment on Omegle or ChatRoulette then boy, you understand what we mean. Strangers from across the world are an infinite source of entertainment, and in games like Avakin Life, which are a total cultural hotpot, you come across some really funny characters.
  • Promotional material from the game states there are millions of people playing the game, though we have no clue whether that’s true. It’s impossible to find player numbers. If you do Google Avakin though, take a look at the result a few lines down. “My daughter played this game and then I read her in-game messages from a man asking her to meet up and have a baby in real life!” Look. We’ll all been there. Said a weird couple of things to someone on the web, or rubbed one out to Habbo Hotel, but this sort of stuff just isn’t okay in this day and age. Not okay at all.
  • There are people FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. Yes. That’s right. There’s certainly a skewed proportion of players, I have to admit, as many people from the western hemisphere have moved on from these old-fashioned, out-dated virtual sim games to more fulfilling pastures, like Match 3 Candy Jewel Crush Royale 3.
  • Chat with other players. Yep. That’s right. Start a conversation with a stranger. Too scared to talk to other, ordinary human beings in real life? Of course, you are! You’re about to download Avakin Life as a MOD APK! Again, the team at Avakin tells you to ‘find your crew’, so, you know, go on then.
  • Find the newest trends in the world of Avakin and have your virtual self-esteem boosted by virtual friends in a virtual world. Apparently, there is some sort of competitions in the game where you can compete for the best outfit, but we played for about half an hour and were still rocking some plain shoes and a white t-shirt. Couldn’t bring ourselves to go any deeper into that cesspit.


It should be noted that most of this content is taken from the Avakin promotional material, designed to give you an insight into why you should download this game. Found any incentive yet in these vague repetitive statements of ‘make the perfect version of yourself’ or ‘dress yourself up in stylish clothes’? Well, never fear, because here are some more.

  • Express yourself, your true, real-life, beautiful human self with a wide range of accessories and brands, most of which are ripped-off and clearly resemble real-world brands. Nonetheless, it does the job and’s no different from you sporting those $4 Target sandals at every event this summer.
  • Browse through an immeasurable amount of items. Some cheap, some wildly expensive. Depends on how much you want to flex in this virtual world, it’s really up to you. Dress up or down depending on your social event or whether you’re trying to woo a date, or just chilling out at home in your underpants, playing a video game when you should be out socializing, making connections and forming a better future for your last remaining days on earth.
  • There are dresses, shoes, handbags, necklaces, frocks, skirts, hats, jewellery of a million types, flowers, stockings, high heels, crazy hairstyles to regular straight locks. YOU. CHOOSE. EVERYTHING.


Design the place you live in. Don’t take time over your real-world room, that dingy 1-bed let in a stinky part of town, watching roaches climb the wall, oh she never went to school…but instead, dive into Avakin and spend real-life money on a brand couch to impress your virtual mates.

  • Design and build your perfect apartment. Choose the layout and the furniture which goes inside. Easy.
  • Choose from a range of decorations from classic to complicated, from classical to Hollywood. Easy. Easy.
  • Invite a bunch of mates over for a ritualistic cult sacrifice and a couple of cold ones. Easy. Easy. Easy.

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