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BitLife – Life Simulator Mod APK 1.26.1

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Additional Information of BitLife – Life Simulator for Android

Category: Simulation
Compatible with: Android 5.0+ (Lollipop, API 21)
Version: 1.26.1
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 89.06 MB
Developer: Candywriter, LLC
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 18
MOD: Yes

Description for BitLife – Life Simulator APK

BitLife is a fascinating and funny life simulation game you can download as an apk. One of the greatest text-based simulation games released for Android ever, BitLife puts you through the life of random generated characters, situations and traits. Become a Bitizen today!

This game is also pretty new so many new updates are expected. It quickly reached the top of the Google Play Store so download the apk now and see why so many people are playing!

How do you succeed in BitLife?

The magic of the game is that you can choose your own path. In BitLife, your destiny is mostly of your choosing. Spend time in the library as a kid and improve your smarts, but reduce your social skills. Ask for lots of money from your parents when you’re young, abandon them when you’re old. Lie, steal, cheat, study, progress, purchase. This is BitLife. Do what you want.

Humor and lighthearted simulation

Thankfully, BitLife doesn’t take itself too seriously. The funny situations throughout the game are very immersive and connect you with your character.

There are some parts which are a little 18+, but that’s life.

What can you actually do in BitLife?

There’s so much to do and see. Go through school and choose different options in random scenarios.  Graduate with super grades or fail shamelessly. Choose a life as an insurance broker or opt for chasing the dreams of becoming a filmstar. Work for money, work for honor.

Hope that life treats you well. Head to the gym. Read more books. Get promotions. Make love. Have children. Buy a house, buy a car, get a mortgage, win the lottery.

Or…live a life of crime. Murder, steal, cheat and bust your way through life. Many opportunities will arise for you to take the wrong path, but in BitLife, nothing is the wrong path. There is only life!

So jump in and download BitLife now. Sink hours of fun into this awesome game!



A ribbon guide through your BitLife: living the honest way, living the bad way, living the hard way

Did you know that in BitLife there is a ribbons system? This ribbons system is a reward system for the quality of the life you’ve just lead. There are 11 ribbons in total, here’s how you can make your way through some of them!

Oh, and here are the ribbons for future reference: Rich, Mediocre, Lazy, Fertile, Unlucky, Wasteful, Lustful, Academic, Scandalous, Loaded, and finally, Hero.

Here’s our insight on how to live the best life in BitLife. How to make your way to owning mansions, sports cars and living a happy life with smart kids and a beautiful spouse.

Becoming a millionaire, the Rich Ribbon

If you want to be a millionaire then you need to study hard. Forget about your relationships, your parents and love interests. Choose high-earning career paths and subjects to study at school. Read at the library. A lot. To earn the ‘Rich’ Ribbon you need to have a net-worth of 1,000,000.

Lazy and/or Mediocre

Easy. To earn the Lazy Ribbon you just need to press the ‘Age’ button without doing anything. Sound worryingly familiar? In BitLife you really can live an accurate representation of your real life…

The Mediocre Ribbon is like the Lazy Ribbon. To achieve this you just need to live the most bang-average life you can possibly manage. Lose your job, suck at love, fail to have a threesome, etc, etc.

Fertile, living your life through your offspring

This Ribbon is pretty self-explanatory. Have 4 kids! To achieve this you need to focus on having children and nothing else. No work, no extra-curricular activities, JUST CHILDREN. Focus on building up your relationship with your partner and then hitting the sack!

Unlucky, premature death

The Unlucky Ribbon is totally out of your hands. This can happen to anyone, at any time. Illness, a car accident or food poisoning. There’s nothing you can do to stop it – pure unluckiness.

Wasteful – easiest Ribbon in the game

You live, you die. To gain the Wasteful badge just start a new life and die before you age up at all.

Lustful, get to it!

Have as many lovers as you possibly can. Focus on nothing else. Threesomes, dates, one night stands and more. Just get to it, don’t be lazy! Who needs a wife, husband or life-long partner? That’s the only way to get the Lustful Ribbon!

Academic, study hard

Study hard at every point of your life, from early life until further education.  You might lose friends, reduce your relationship with your parents and probably kill your love life, but to achieve the Academic Ribbon you need to STUDY!

Scandalous Ribbon, PLAY AGGRO!

Be as aggressive as you can to earn the Scandalous Ribbon – just fight all the time, have a ‘not great’ relationship with your lover, and spend a few years in prison. We’ve found 7 years to be optimal!

Loaded, next level rich

Get even richer with the Loaded Ribbon, you need to make at least 10,000,000! Of course, you might be able to lucky your way into this with a big lottery win, but otherwise you’re just going to have to work hard on your cash and make as much money as possible.

Become a Hero with this Ribbon

Easy! Live a heroic life of charm and friendliness. Always choose the right path and live an honorable life. This Ribbon is pretty much the opposite of Scandalous.

Cunning mastermind Ribbon

The key to unlocking this Ribbon is to escape from prison and never get caught again. There are lots of Cunning ways around this, including emigration, a sex change or living a very low profile for the rest of your existence.

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