Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 Mod APK 17.1

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Additional Information of Bloons TD 6 for Android

Category: Strategy
Compatible with: 5.0
Version: 17.1
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 67.26 MB
Developer: ninja kiwi
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 20
MOD: Yes

Description for Bloons TD 6 APK

Bloons Tower Defense 6, shortened to Bloons TD 6, is the latest version of the games from the classic Bloons series. Released in 2018 and developed by Ninja Kiwi, the game was brought out on mobile and PC. It received a dodgy reception on Steam, claiming the $9.99 price tag verges on insanity, but was a hit on mobile. Download the APK now to jump into the world of monkeys, balloons and a whole lot of tower defense chaos.

Originally, the Bloons games were popular browser games, back in the far-flung days of Flash sites like CoolmathGames. Hours of children’s lives around the earth were spent churning through dozens of balloons as they tried to reach the monkey’s den. The games have come a long way in those years, and the most recent edition Bloons Tower Defense 6 is a fun-packed and wild ride with plenty of new features for you to experience as an apk mod download for Android.


Bloons now comes in incredible 3D! These graphics are vibrant and are the best way to experience the various monkey towers, heroes, upgrades and new activated abilities.

Here’s a rundown of some of the cool graphical changes and introduced maps.

  • New monkey animations. That was always something missing from the original Bloons games – those monkeys might’ve been cute, but they lacked MOMENTUM. POWER. Now, these monkeys are looking brutal. Plus, once you upgrade them, their skins change and get even better. Nice!
  • Alongside the monkey graphics, there are new versions of the maps as well. There are 20 original maps, with the introduction of some new 3D objects which make the levels a little more complicated/enjoyable.

Brand new awesome upgrades for your monkey towers

  • There are 19 power monkey towers which you might’ve remembered from the previous games. However, Bloons 6 TD APK adds some brand new monkeys as well! The Druid and The Alchemist. Sounds fun.
  • To diversify the interesting monkey towers and to add more extensive strategies to the game, there are three upgrade paths to choose from. These add a lot of fun to the game.
  • Next level upgrades also introduce tier 5 upgrades. These are upgrades SO powerful that only one monkey in your arsenal can have them.

Introducing: HEROES

  • To elevate the gameplay of Bloons TD 6 to an all-new experience, try out these awesome and unique monkeys with 20 defining upgrades.
  • Each hero has two Bloon-destructive abilities, perfect for clutching those risky moments when the bloons are coming in thick and fast.
  • With the introduction of these heroes, there are entirely new ways to play the game. It’s one of the best reasons to give Bloons TD 6 a go and download it as an apk. New strategies, new combos, new tactics. Way more complex ways to defeat the bloons.
  • Over 100 different meta-upgrades. Come a long way from the original games, right? There are different buffs for individual monkeys or groups of monkeys. That’s up to you.
  • Late game power comes with these upgrades, which means you can reach higher levels and progress to the latter free play rounds.

Other awesome additions to the most recent Bloon TD 6 game

  • Play this game anywhere you want. Rather than struggle through with a dodgy internet connection, download the game and enjoy the offline single-player. EASY!
  • Brand new Bloons. What, you thought with all the new monkeys there wouldn’t be some scary Bloons as well? There are purple, fortified, and the relentless and spooky B.A.D bloons.
  • New game modes keep the game exciting and fresh. Check out Restricted Monkeys, the brutal CHIMPS ruleset, and the double health MOABS.

How to install unknown source APK apps on Android

  • Mod Features:

    1. Unlimited gold
    2. Unlock hero
    3. Unlock tower
    4. Unlimited Monkey Money (not reduce)
    5. Unlimited Power
    6. Free Upgrade XP