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Bowmasters is a stunning free-to-play archery game in the style of the classic Stickman and Bowman games. You may have played these many years ago on your browser, but Bowmasters takes this experience to a brand new level.

This is a super-hot game you can now download as an apk. Play offline against increasingly tricky players or go online in intense head-to-head battles. Bowmasters has fun graphics, a great sense of humor, and is suitable for just about everyone.

The mechanics are very simple. You pull back to generate power, up to 100%, and use your finger simultaneously to adjust the angle of your shot.

Check out these top features to learn more about this VERY fun game.

Best Features of Bowmasters

  • There are 41 insane characters from all different themes for free. These include hilarious characters like Gorky, the Russian Astronaut with a Soviet-esque flag and a gruesome finisher, or the crazy card-slinging guy, whose special attack is extremely powerful.
  • Alongside these 41 unique characters are 41 unique weapons, some that are better than others but all generally balanced to encourage cross-play across the different characters. This is especially important in the online PVP play.
  • The online duel system is particularly fun when you try it with your mates. Add them up and test their skills. Make sure you get plenty of practice in first…
  • There are lots of different game modes to choose from. It can be a good way to practice your aim, against real targets in more unique settings! These include shooting down birds, fruits, or play duels in intense arena settings rather than the regular map.
  • There are ENDLESS rewards. This means you will always be rewarded when you win a game. These rewards come in the form of chests. You get a certain amount of chests each day without having to watch ads. However, after those first couple of chests you’ll have to watch a few short ads. No problem, and it’s not too intrusive. Nice!

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