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Additional Information of Brawl Stars for Android

Category: Action
Compatible with: Android 4.3+ (Jelly Bean MR2, API 18)
Version: 26.184
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 135.64 MB
Developer: Supercell
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 14
MOD: Yes

Description for Brawl Stars APK

Brawl Stars is a fast-paced multiplayer fighting game from the studio behind Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach. Masters of what makes a popular game popular, this studio has come up with another amazing game you can now download as an APK.  SuperCell are here with another viral game to suck up your hours and keep you entertained on those boring bus journeys!

This game is a heavily mobile optimized game. After almost 500 days residing in a soft release format, playable only in Canada and a select few other countries during this time, the Finnish game studio Supercell made heavy changes to the UX, controls and general gameplay design. Their aim was to create a game that provided a fun multiplayer battle experience with all the comforts of a properly optimized Android game. They’ve succeeded.

Fortnite and PUBG have seen massive success on mobile, but they’re obviously quite clunky, as their original game was never designed to fit onto this format. Despite their success, the games are really limited to a select international market for those without access to mid-tier or high-end gaming equipment such as consoles and PCs. Brawl Stars, however, is designed to be a mobile-only experience with all the pleasure that comes with that!

Main Game Features, Why You Should Download Brawl Stars

Although the game’s existence looked a little ropey to begin with – Supercell have killed off their soft-release games in the past, citing the thoughts it would never reach international success – Brawl Stars has definitely come into its own over the last year. Here’s a rundown of some of the best features of the game and reasons you should probably give it a go.

  • You can battle with your friends or solo across plenty of different game modes, each game lasting a perfectly reasonable sub 3-minutes.
  • The different modes include:
  • Gem Grab, a 3v3 mode where the main goal is to collect 10 gems by killing the enemy team. If the team kills you, you’ll lose your gems. It’s simple but addictive.
  • There’s a mode called Showdown, which can be played Solo or as a Duo. This is a Battle Royale survival of the fittest – collect different power-ups for your main brawler and survive until the end. It’s a pretty fun gamemode and runs smoothly on Android!
  • Bounty, another 3v3 mode, is where you have to take out your opponents to earn stars. This is one of the more simple gamemodes where the goal is to have more stars than your opponents. Simple, old-fashioned battles!
  • Heist is a great mode where you need to protect your team’s safe and get into your opponents’. You can use the interesting map to design to come up with complex tactics, such as sneaking, strategies, and full frontal assault to distract your enemies while someone gets into the safe!
  • Brawl – this is the trademark gamemode, a 3v3 mode where you show off your soccer skills and try to score 2 goals FIRST. No red cards – anything goes on this pitch!
  • Other than the game modes there’s also a lot of fun special events, including PvE and PVP game modes that are regularly updated with fun content. This is the ideal way to keep the content fresh.

Collectible Brawlers

No mobile game would be the same without collectibles and customization. These come in the form of Brawlers, characters you use to decimate the enemy. There are loads of these, some you can unlock through playing the game and others will require you to use in-game currency. Although there is no direct pay-to-win, as far as we’re aware, this does begin to verge on the problems that all mobile games face. Is it a fun experience if you don’t drop 100 bucks on it? And the answer in this case is…yes. Even the free brawlers are exciting to play with because they feel unique. Different super abilities, power points and unique skins give the game a refreshing flavor.

Leader of the Brawling Pack

Another key feature that keeps people coming back time and time again to mobile games is the online leaderboards. Don’t worry, even if you download the game as an apk you can still access these leaderboards and appear at the top! There are local and regional leaderboards where you can contend against other top brawlers and see if you can emerge at the top of the pack. Of course, this is incredibly difficult if you don’t drop real money on the game, but you can give it a shot! Plus, if you want to play with your friends, the social aspects of Brawl Stars are great as well. The best way to stay in touch with your pals is to create a club – that way you can message them and fight together whenever you like!

Regular updates and evolution

Supercell is no noob when it comes to mobile gaming. They understand people need regular content to stay interested in the experience. That’s why there are lots of regular updates not only with events but with brand new special modes, cosmetics and challenges.

Overall, if you like this sort of thing and want a fun multiplayer fighting game that’s been properly optimized and cared for on Android, download the Brawl Stars APK now!

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