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Candy Crush is very much the symbol of successful mobile games. Now you can download this all-time classic game with a simple APK file and install onto any Android mobile device by selecting the version that best suits your phone.

If you don’t know what Candy Crush is, then you’ve obviously been out of the world of mobile gaming for a long time. Originally released by King games in 2012, Candy Crush has generated millions in revenue from inspiring people to play, and play, and play. Fundamentally, Candy Crush works by swapping delicious pieces of candy with other delicious pieces of candy on a board. Match-3, nothing to it, right?

Wrong. In Candy Crush you join in the adventures of Tiffi and Mr. Toffee as they wade through seas of candy in the Candy Kingdom. It’s probably one of the most addictive games we’ve ever played. Although there are many other great APK downloads for other Match-3 games on the Play Store, Candy Crush takes the the lollipop right out of their hands. The original game was just called Candy Crush, but subsequent releases include Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Candy Crush Friends.

Check out some of these main features and attractions to find out why, at their peak, these games were generating around $1 million dollars of profit every single day.

Main Candy Crush features and attractions

The graphics! They’re colorful, gorgeous and bound to sweeten up even the most dismal Monday morning commute. Have no fear when you dive into the Candy world…it’s one of the most relaxing experiences we’ve found in our pile of APK apps.

Candy Crush was one of the main revolutionary forces in adding cool power-ups – like sugar drops – to the Match-3 experience. Many titles since this original release have included this feature.

The storytelling is, well, SWEET. There’s lots of different characters and levels that really had flair and narrative strength to what is ultimately a time-killing Puzzle game. Although you won’t necessarily recognize the story for what it is, if it was gone, you’d miss it.
Easy to play but very, very difficult to master. This is the magic of Match-3 games. Of course it’s easy, you think, you just have to match 3 in a row. Not so. Candy Crush was one of the first games to really push the boundaries. Its Master levels are…frustrating, to the say the least, which is a difficult thing to comprehend when everything is so sweet-looking.

New levels are added every 2 weeks, which means even if you start playing now, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll ever ‘finish’ the game. It doesn’t matter how addictive Candy Crush is, once you download this APK you’ll be sorted for the foreseeable future.

How to win more at Candy Crush

There are all sorts of masterminds behind Match-3 games that honestly, we can’t even come close to matching. We like to wiggle our finger around the screen in the hopes we pull off some impressive combos, but really there should be strategy behind your moves.

First up, try to create Power-Ups or SUPER CANDIES. Match 4 in a row vertically or horizontally, match in L shapes or T shapes, and use these power-ups to blast the candies to pieces.

Once you’ve gathered separate super candies then you can merge the super candies to create ultimate candies. There are lots of different combinations you can learn about by playing Candy Crush, each level will feature a handy tutorial before starting!

One of the most important things we’ve learned from playing mission-based Match-3 games is that we often get caught up with creating combos and completely forget the point of the level. Pay attention. Make sure to complete the task at hand. You’ll find yourself completing many more levels if you take this into account.

Last, but not least, are two top tips we like to employ: focus on jellies on the edge, clear them out first because they’re harder to get to, and TAKE YOUR TIME.

Download the Candy Crush APK now for Android, selecting old versions or getting past the Play Store’s crazy region lock. Get addicted to one of the best mobile games ever released!

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