Cooking Diary®: Best Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game

Cooking Diary®: Best Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game Mod APK 1.24.1

MyTona Simulation


Additional Information of Cooking Diary®: Best Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game for Android

Category: Simulation
Compatible with: Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)
Version: 1.24.1
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 77.82 MB
Developer: MyTona
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 24
MOD: Yes

Description for Cooking Diary®: Best Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game APK

Cooking Diary: Best Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game is a fun APK game you can download right here and play on your Android device. Recently nominated for an IMGA (an International Mobile Gaming Award), Cooking Diary is more than it at first appears. Enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, you’ll quickly see why this deceptive game is so popular.

(First up, you’ll notice how large the game is in comparison to many other games on the Play Store (275mb!) We recommend using WiFi to download this file before installing it onto your Android phone.)

Developed by MyTona – a studio behind some excellent, in-depth games with sweet graphics – Cooking Diary is an awesome game to add to your Android library.

Let’s get downing to some Cooking Diary business

So why is this game so popular?

Well, cooking games have always tickled a certain spot for the casual gamer. Perhaps it’s the likeness to real life and the challenges actual realistic cooking offers up. Of course, on your mobile you don’t have to tidy up, you can cook just about whatever you like without heading to an expensive deli three towns over, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Cooking Diary does this particularly well.

Set in the world’s capital of gourmet dining, Tasty Hills, in this RPG-cum-Puzzle-cum-Zen game you can cook up a total storm. Your restaurant will reviewed by critics who are as harsh as they are in real life, chefs in your rival restaurants will constantly innovate with brand new recipes, and your kitchen will need its morale kept up with good results!

Unique Gameplay Mechanics…even for a cooking game

Cooking games are not known for their insane creativity or unique elements. Much of the gameplay has remained unchanged for decades. Once you add in the time management aspects, the decent graphics to portray mouth-watering foods on a small screen, and increasingly complex recipes, the games start to look the same.

In Cooking Diary, there are dozens upon dozens of colorful and fun levels. Sure, you think, no different – but these levels are detailed beyond belief for a mobile game. By far our favorite element of this game is the critic reviews. This will really push you to perform your best to impress the culinary geniuses that rule this virtual world!

Open Multiple Restaurants, Build a Franchise!

Another awesome feature is that you can actually open more than one restaurant at a time. Not only is this perfect for repeat play – the game doesn’t get boring – this is also good for those cooking addicts out there!

Plus, Cooking Diary lets you fully deck out and customize your restaurants to your liking. This include furniture, curtains, tables, chairs and various other decorations. Every restaurant critic knows that a successful restaurant isn’t just about the food – it’s the atmosphere, the place must ooze sophistication and deliciousness.

Getting the Best Tasty Experience in Cooking Diary

In this day and age, a chef must also behave and look the part of an international culinary superstar. Thankfully, you can deck your chef out with all the latest looks, from top hats, to mustaches, to a pair of lovely spectacles designed to enhance your food-vision.

First select your gender, Male or Female. Then customize your look from the off-set in a character customization sheet more familiar to those of you who’ve ever played The Sims.

Choose a name…and we’re away!

Mobile Games Are Nothing Without Online Play…Cooking Diary Is No Different!

Play with your friends! Of course, no mobile game in the 21st century is ANYTHING without a multiplayer function. In Cooking Diary this comes down to a guild of culinary pals all trying to impress the world with their feasts. Take part in exciting competitions and compete world-wide, in real-life!

Invite your pals to play together and win prizes for your gourmet food.

Rundown of the BEST FEATURES of Cooking Diary

  • The restaurant design, character customization and general graphics in the game are super cool. Everything about the gameplay feels smooth. Decorate your restaurant just the way you like!
  • Plus, there are over 300 items of customization for your character. More accessories are added all the time.
  • Competition is rife between restaurants, both in-game and in real-life. So roll up your sleeves and get ready. This game is deceptively difficult and you will really have to train to compete with the best chefs all over the world!
  • Cooking with your friends is a great past-time. Now you can do it together from all over the planet. Just get your friend to download the apk of Cooking Diary, too!
  • Like we mentioned, there are regular FREE updates to the game. Neat!

In conclusion, if you’ve ever played a cooking game from the old Papa Louie series, imagine that but TIMES 100.

Quickly navigate around your restaurant, starting off small with busted machines and a sticky floor, and work your way up the culinary ladder.

Got what it takes to be the best chef in town?

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