Craftsman: Building Craft

Craftsman: Building Craft Mod APK 1.9.215

StarGame22 Simulation

Download the Craftsman: Building Craft MOD APK to design and build houses. The game gives you the option to choose the structures to build thus enabling you to work in your favorite field.


Additional Information of Craftsman: Building Craft for Android

Category: Simulation
Compatible with: 4.2
Version: 1.9.215
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Size: 24M
Developer: StarGame22
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 09
MOD: Yes

Description for Craftsman: Building Craft APK

This is a simulation game that allows you to design and build anything that you can imagine!

Yes, the game is incredibly diverse—you can build castles, houses, roads, skyscrapers, and many other structures.

It’s set in a town characterized by tall buildings and beautiful roads. Your role will be to identify loopholes in the town and contribute to its transformation into a respectable city.

To achieve this, you must design spectacular houses, stadiums, recreational parks, skyscrapers, rail systems, and any other structure that’ll enhance the image of the town.

A Simple Gameplay

The Craftsman: Building Craft is based on a simple concept—build as many structures as you can. You must buy all the construction materials and the tools necessary to complete the project on time.

While this is feasible, it’ll be a little challenging at the beginning since you’ll be working with a limited budget. However, you can increase your treasures by completing unique structures in time.

The game control is simple and you’ll move building blocks by a touch of a button. Also, you’ll easily make commands using simple-to-master control systems on your screen.

Spectacular Graphics and Realistic Music Play

This game is completed with stunning 3-D graphics that guarantees a near-real gaming experience. The simulation is superb—the tall buildings, the trees along the roads, and the vehicles appear so authentic!

Even better, the gameplay is accompanied by impressive sound systems. This ensures that you’re immersed in the game for long hours without getting bored.

Amazing Tips for Winning the Game

Craftsman: Building Craft is a laidback game that only requires creativity to hack. You should creatively identify the areas that you can work on to improve in the city.

Once you have the ideas, you should work relentlessly to implement them. To achieve this, you should use the available resources to purchase all the building materials required.

Also, accumulate as much treasure as you can to fund your budget and thus raise your chances of achieving your goal.

The more structures you develop, the more money you’ll earn.

Download Craftsman: Building Craft Mod APK

The modified version of the Craftsman: Building Craft has brilliant features that will certainly make the game more interesting. Here are some of the features that you shouldn’t miss:

Unique MOD Features

  • Numerous materials and tools available
  • Unlimited money to fund your building escapades
  • Multiplayer options—you can invite your friends to play the game together
  • Different game modes available
  • Stunning graphics


Download the Craftsman: Building Craft Mod APK to upgrade your designing skills. This MOD version offers you unlimited building materials which increase your ability to build as many structures as you wish. Play and enjoy it!

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