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Download Crossy Road APK and prepare to get hooked like a fish – right through the mouth. Crossy Road takes the age old question of “Why did the chicken cross the road?” and turns it into a challenge, “Can the chicken cross the road?” However, with an endless scrolling series of roads, streams and train tracks to cross, is it fair that the chicken is trapped in the interminable living hell of crossing road after road, only to find another road as it reaches safety?

It’s probably the sort of thing that PETA would disapprove of, so it’s great for that reason alone, but for such a simple game, you can really see the level of effort and detail that’s gone into Crossy Road. You can download Crossy Road APK free here, but what exactly is it? What are you downloading and why should you download Crossy Road APK, even if it is free?

Can YOU get the chicken to cross the road?

It’s a question that’s been riffed off for comic effect with varying levels of effectiveness, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Spawning a myriad of answers that range from the surreal to the philosophical and right through to the political, but whether that chicken crossed the road out of biological imperative or out of a subconscious death wish or if, simply, because it was the only direction that society, with all its crushing systematic strings and hooks, allowed the chicken to go, the point of the question is not to find the answer, it’s to find any answer – or rather, how many answers can be found to the same riddle.

Fortunately, Crossy Road APK is a lot simpler than that, as the aim is just to keep the chicken alive for as long as you can, crossing as many roads as possible in the time it takes to die – and die you shall. Crossy Road has numerous built-in dynamics that keep the game going, even when you try to slow things down, for Crossy Road is a grim reflection of the futility of life, or perhaps it’s an ode to persistence, but then again – it could just be ridiculing persistence, given the level of futility to Crossy Road.

You begin life in Crossy Road as a chicken and you’re forced to march across various highways, so many highways that it beggars belief – no city planner would ever sign off on such a perilous galaxy of roads all running parallel. Still, even if you refuse to run, a giant eagle swoops down and carries you off to an unseen oblivion, the kind that only those who were shot for refusing to run blindfolded across a minefield during the peak of the Khmer Rouge’s reign would understand. Crossy Road could be interpreted as a stark political statement – that we are caught between two forms of certain damnation and that no matter how far we try to run, no matter how many roads we cross, we are doomed to a die brutal roadside death and – worse still – the world won’t even notice, it’ll spin on, with the drivers that inhabit Crossy Road shameless cruising on, inane, vapid smiles plastered over their insipid faces while you bleed to death on the tarmac.

Is Crossy Road a subtle, voxel-graphic coated reflection on the inevitability of mortality? Does it strive to show us ourselves when we stare into the black mirror of our Android screens? Is Crossy Road trying to alert us to the urgency with which we must live, following the recognition that our lives may – at any moment – be ripped asunder by a passing train, car or a swooping eagle? Many say that humans are incapable of recognising the reality of their own mortality and that we have become divorced from the concept, is Crossy Road APK trying to remind us of our collective conscious uncoupling from the reality that death is all that awaits? Is Crossy Road trying to remind us that, no matter what we do, for better or worse, we die at the end? Crossy Road – slapping humanity around the face with the cosmic punch line.

Or is it just a game with chickens and roads?

Why you should download Crossy Road APK free here

Well, given the global prevalence of addiction, the number of sex addicts and the sheer volume of highly destructive, addictive substances that exist in our world, it’s likely that you’ll be addicted to something, so you might as well be addicted to Crossy Road – it’s safer than heroin and cheaper than gambling, but it is definitely habit forming. The difference is that you won’t have to perform unnecessary sexual acts in order to get your fix, as Crossy Road APK is free to download and free to play – even if there are in-app purchases, that’s just for new characters, which you don’t really need.

Crossy Road’s success lies in its ability to monetise a free to play game, which has been done by firstly creating a visually alluring game that has endless replay value, but secondly by adding in a few features that aren’t purely cosmetic – the new characters that you buy with real world money all have little quirks that affect gameplay. It’s not just a case of getting a new skin, the wizard for example can blow up trees with his staff, one character is hopelessly hooked on collecting flowers and – well, I don’t want to ruin the surprises, if you want to invest $0.99 into a selection of code, personified by a block-style character in Crossy Road, that’s on you and you can find out which characters give you the most bang for your almost buck.

When you download Crossy Road APK, you’re basically shoving the needle in the vein, because it’s not easy to put the game down. You’ll be trapped, trapped in the nightmare of never ending roads, the nightmare of endless repetition, the unending stink of death as yet another chicken, pig or unicorn wanders haplessly into traffic and the worst part? You’ll love it. Never before has such a painful addiction been quite so entertaining, but Crossy Road APK adds so many layers to what, ostensibly, is just another classic arcade game updated for the touch screen generation.

Brimming with over 150 characters beyond the antiquated chicken, Crossy Road also packs enough levels, all with enough unique twists and turns to keep even the most fickle game-junkie reaching for the Crossy Road belt and spoon time and time again. It’s clear that thought, effort and love has all been mixed together after getting caught in a wheel arch while trying to cross a road and the result is a phenomenal game that will doubtless go viral like a strain of antibacterial-resistant gonorrhoea at fresher’s week. Download Crossy Road APK for free right here, go on, do it – what else were you going to accomplish with your life anyway?

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