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Crowd City apk is an awesome game from the prolific VOODOO studios behind some of the most recently popular Android games. In this title, Crowd City, you must collect as any friends as possible to head out into the city and beat other crowds! Similar to a game like or you need to get to be the biggest as quickly as possible. VOODOO also clocked on to a clever mechanic in many of their games – that is you can play online or offline either against real people or versus an A.I computer which isn’t exactly forgiving.

If you love addictive games or have checked out other titles from VOODOO studios you’ll know that these games are built in the Unity engine and all boast smooth graphics and gameplay. Crowd City is another game that has received lots of high praise. The gameplay is addictive and fast-paced, so jump in and try it out!

How to get a high score in Crowd City

You start off the game by collecting followers to your crowd from random people dawdling past. Start off small, person-by-person, and soon you’ll have a huge crowd to dominate the city with. If you want to reach a score of 1,000 or more then you need to collect as many people as you can from the start. Go up and down the streets converting dudes to your crowd!


Go after the weaker opponents. You’ll catch a glimpse of another colored team and have to snatch all their guys! This is the best way to gain score quickly. While also climbing the leaderboard you’ll be knocking out competitors to your victory! Practice offline first with the easier A.I and you’ll have a better time when you come up against those evil real-life players.

Download Crowd City today and get playing this sweet APK, it’s only been out for a couple of months and already you would’ve seen adverts for it all over the internet and it has been downloaded thousands of times!

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