Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends Mod APK 5.1.2a

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Additional Information of Dragon Mania Legends for Android

Category: Simulation
Compatible with: 4.0.3
Version: 5.1.2a
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 111.71 MB
Developer: Gameloft
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 05
MOD: Yes

Description for Dragon Mania Legends APK

Welcome to Dragon Mania Legends, now available as an APK download for your Android device. This city-building game merges setting up your base and collecting a wealth of cute (and feisty) pet dragons.

At the time of writing, there are over 300 different species of dragons to collect and a full-on quest to unravel as you play, including interesting side quests. Expect combat sequences against vicious Vikings, plenty of cute hatching events, and an ever-expanding Dragon City under your rule.

General Gameplay Impressions

For anyone who loves to collect things in mobile games, dragons have always been a popular choice. Now with Dragon Mania Legends, the dragons are looking better than ever and the gameplay has never been so addictive. Here’s our rundown of the best features and our general gameplay impressions.

  • These incredible visuals make the game perfect for kids and the whole family to play together. Get your Mum and Sister in on collecting dragons – they won’t be able to stop! There are diverse islands that make up the universe of Dragonlandia and plenty of cosmetic design choices you can make to spruce up your islands!
  • Your pet dragons may be snarling, fire-breathing monsters, but they’re also your PETS. They require as much attention as a kitten or puppy, and you definitely want to keep these beasties happy! Your dragons will love it when you cuddle them, feed them treats, and care for them.  As an award for being a good owner, the game rewards you extra gold and some special short-time bonuses.
  • Like we mentioned, there are over 300 species of dragons you can breed and add to your dragon collection.

Beyond The Basics – A Whole New World of Dragon Adventure

  • This game isn’t just about collecting dragons, it also focuses a lot on an exciting storyline that actually puts your dragons to good use! Take your friends and pets on a journey across the lands of Dragonlandia. Battle it out against higher and harder league after league, improving your level and skills with each battle.
  • Regularly updated seasonal events keep you interested in the game. They’re well designed to feel rewarding while also leaving enough to you so you consistently return to the game. Not too easy. Not too hard. With these special events, new content and unique quests, you’ll never run out of fun to be had with your dragons. Watch out – it’s addictive!
  • In this fun apk you can really show them who’s boss! Raise your pets with care and they’ll soon become fierce fighters, ready and willing to follow your every command. Take on opponents in the arena to become the world’s greatest dragon trainer and collect prizes you sorely deserve.

A Battle For Dragonkind

  • The Vikings are out to raid your islands and steal your valuables! Protect your homeland with the help of your powerful dragon allies. Send your pets to cut down swathes of evil Viking swine. Teach them a hard-earned lesson in these exciting 3 v 3 Battle Modes.
  • However, it’s not all easy. Your dragons start out as but weaklings. You’re gonna need to train them up and prepare them for battle. Take them to the academy to level up their skills and help them to learn special attacks to eviscerate Viking foes.
  • Over time your dragons will go beyond being your simple pet. They will rise up to become impressive and legendary dragon warriors, capable of defending your homeland from even the most hideous Viking kings and their fleets of fast ships! Harness the power of the Dragon Fury to rain destruction down on your opponents.

Powerful Clans in Dragon Mania Legends APK

  • Join forces with your friends. Head over to their islands to take a look at their dragons and cosmetic design and exchange gifts between islands. These gifts will give you an important boost both to breeding and combat. Friends are crucial!
  • Join a clan and set up a plan to conquer everything. Use the global clan chat to communicate with your new clan-mates. Come up with a strategy or just talk all-things dragons. Fun with friends, family or even total strangers from across the globe!

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