Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia Mod APK 0.504.70582

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Additional Information of Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia for Android

Category: Action
Compatible with: Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)
Version: 0.504.70582
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 60.41 MB
Developer: My.com B.V.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 01
MOD: Yes

Description for Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia APK

The battle rages on. Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia is the sequel to the first game of a similar name, developed by My.Com.BV. This sci-fi Android game is now available to download as an APK. This game blends different genres together. Top-down, RPG, arcade shooter…all the greatest mobile compatible gamemodes really. The game has been released to mixed reviews – we’ll get into that later – but we think it’s best you jump right into this one and see for yourself.

What is Evolution 2?

Millions of players enjoyed the first Evolution game. It had decent graphics, interesting combat that was almost bullet-hellish. This newer iteration takes the beloved game concepts of the previous games and juices them up with some better graphics and new stories.

The main setting of Evolution is the planet of Utopia. A once Utopian planet reserved for the billionaire class, the sorry state of affairs in recent times clearly shows how foul and far the great can fall. Now the planet has become a living, feasting hell, overrun with marauding cannibal machines, hideous monsters that have been genetically modified beyond comprehension, and robots who were once designed to protect their masters but now run wild. You are thrown into the center of this war. Got what it takes?

If you do, and all this sounds fantastically enticing, download the apk now and get playing.

Features and Gameplay of Evolution 2

There is a never-ending scope to Evolution 2. A huge range of powerful weapons, unique characters (such as Blake, the main dude), who has super-powers resulting (you guessed it!) from a risky scientific experiment, and a cool cover system keep the game feeling somewhat fresh. We’ll get into our reservations about the combat system later.

Here’s a rundown of the main features, and our favorite bits:

  • This game has a cool Sci-Fi setting. Look, we won’t go as far to say that it’s a ‘unique’ setting, because it really isn’t. The whole Utopian planet turned despotic wasteland is hardly a new addition to the theme and genre list of video games. However, there are some aspects of the game we can get behind – the monsters, robots and general scenery is fairly well designed. There’s an almost Borderlands feel to the gameplay, which we guess fits the whole ‘space, post-apocalyptic, biopunk’ aesthetic they were going for. Not unique though…
  • There is a decent balance in this game, especially for a game you download for free as an apk. It’s easy for things to get a bit sloppy when developers try to juggle several different genres. However, Evolution 2, we have to admit, does quite well in this frenzied slosh. There is strategy, although limited, and there are decent RPG factors and even the top-down shooting mechanics fit around a pretty smart combat system. However, much of the shooting, rolling, dodging and general cutscenes are done entirely on rails. AGAIN, we’ll get back to this later.
  • Likewise, there is a somewhat tactical level of gameplay. You can customize your character to fit certain situations, to battle against certain enemies and perform better in certain situations. Sort of like Pokemon, if Pokemon wielded devastating shotguns, rifles and machine guns, and battled against an alien horde. Much of the storyline campaign is decent PvE. It’s engaging, somewhat, until the game starts shoving loot-boxes down your throat. Progression is fine, bar the micro-transactions.
  • Once the storyline mode gets dull, which it will, thankfully there are interesting cooperative modes and online battles available as well. Battle it out alongside other players, either against each other or side-by-side. This is the future of mobile gaming, the way mobile games should and always have been, perfectly compatible with multiplayer gameplay.
  • And, like all mobile games, there are copious amounts of customization, upgrades and more that can either be grinded out by playing the game for 12 hours a day or purchased using wickedly expensive micro-transactions (really guys, these are over the top.) Look, we understand: you don’t have to drop 15 bucks on a base upgrade, or whop a good 10 bucks on a character skin that has hidden side-effects, but when some whale down the road is doing exactly that, any multiplayer gameplay becomes dead, dull, boring, useless. Kills the multiplayer experience for the casual player. We guess that’s the point of micro-transactions anyway…

Overall impressions of Evolution 2

Download this game, for free, as an apk. There are at least 30 minutes of entertainment if you like this sort of shooty, dodgy, on-a-rail kind of gameplay. It’s simple. Easy. Nothing too flashy or complicated or even really that challenging. A toilet-pleaser, an on-the-bus-next-someone-you-know-but-don’t-want-to-speak-to kind of game.

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