Additional Information of Fap CEO for Android

Category: Simulation
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Updated: 2019/ 06/ 09
MOD: Yes

Description for Fap CEO APK

FAP CEO might be the sexiest game on the Google Play Store, now available to download as an mod APK for your Android device. Developed by the aptly named Nutaku, this game is all about pure and unadulterated debauchery. Half-porn game half-tycoon management Sim, you need to build a video chat empire with your harem of sexy girls. Recruit the hottest babes you can find and set them up in front of a computer. It’s your business to exploit these poor girls like a virtual pimp. You own them.

While you exploit their bodies for your own monetary gain, why not try and have sex with them all at the same time? Seems like the next logical step.


As you progress in the sexy world of the cam-girl business, learn more about your sexy hentai girl’s back story. Each girl has a unique personality with weaknesses you can exploit and flaws to manipulate. Talk to them one by one to unlock amazing hentai content, exclusive to each and every girl.

The more you talk to your girls, the more they “level up”. They make more cash for you and more likely to fall out of the sky onto your awaiting member. Capitalize on their hot-streak and get rich by using their sexiness to enhance your profits.

Once you hit the peak of the cam-girl industry, sell on your company and move on to bigger, better and more delicious girls. As you progress through the dog-eat world of a sex-fuelled capitalist dystopia, you will realize how amazing it is to be a wealthy digital pimp in the 21st century. Have sex with who you want, when you want. The power is almost unbearable.

As every CEO of a porn company, you are an eccentric guy with strange fetishes and tastes. Decorate your office with a range of unique items which add benefits to your office and your girls. These items get pretty sticky so make plenty of room in your office for a washing machine, sink, and a space for your own personal hentai maid.

There are also added benefits because you are the boss. Collect pictures of all the girls of your choosing and take them home with you for those lonely nights. Who are we kidding? There are no lonely nights when you are the FAP CEO!

Game Features of the FAP CEO APK MOD latest update

Look, this game isn’t about hentai titties. There are also fun multiplayer elements and mini-games that go along with the girls. The sense of progression is always awarded by more beautiful girls to admire and letch after.

Because Nutaku is an independent publisher they get to put whatever the hell they want in their game. This means fewer ads and definitely no censorship. This is raw.

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