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Farming Simulator 18
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Download Farming Simulator APK for your Android device today to see if you’ve got what it takes to face the menacing world of farming. For those who can’t afford a field, but can afford an Android, Farming Simulator takes you right into the palpitating heart of the agricultural abomination where you face off against deadly weather cycles and pesky pests – not to mention the persistent threat of an evolving global economy that relegates you and your trade to the past.

Farming Simulator 18 lets you live out your agricultural ambitions in the most realistic farming simulator yet to grace the screen of a phone. Enter the often manic, sometimes mundane world of farming with Farming Simulator APK – the only app you need if you want to farm for some reason.
Download Farming Simulator 18, which picks right up from Farming Simulator 17 – the cult classic that was – and builds on the existing excitement of agricultural antics, boasting over 50 classic tractors and assorted farming vehicles from industry leader, AGCO.

The Thrill of the Farm is Yours When You Download Farming Simulator APK

Ever wanted to charge into an unsuspecting field of sugar beet atop of a customised vintage Massey Ferguson? Have you been forced to suppress the desire to roll around town chasing renegade livestock atop a fierce looking Valtra tractor? Do you feel the need to breed profitable pigs? In Farming Simulator, you can do all of this from the comfort of your phone – which means you can do all of this and more, without the need to don the wellington boots, wade around in animal faeces and deal with racist farmers.

Maybe you’re already a farmer, but the limitations of your real world cash flow have clamped down on your plans for the dream farm – given the decided shift away from agriculture that humanity has witnessed in the past 100 years or so – at least here, from the safety of your armchair, you can replicate all the fields that could’ve been yours, had you been alive to see World War 1. The developer of Farming Simulator, Giants Software, estimates that 10% of Farming Simulator’s gamers are professional farmers, while a further 25% are connected to farming in some way.

The real world might have killed your dreams of endlessly ploughing field after field in the hazy summer heat, but Farming Simulator resurrects those dreams and gives them a hearty dose of anabolic steroids, leaving you with the most in-depth, expansive farming simulator to date.

Arable or Pastoral Farming – YOU Decide Only in Farming Simulator APK

Download Farming Simulator 18 – easily the most compelling digital reconstruction of the agonisingly bleak lives of professional farmers since at least Farming Simulator 17! Weep in despair as a drought ruins your crops and you’re forced to sell your eldest daughter just to keep the ruinous land upon which you farm! Laugh out loud as your competitors go bankrupt and are forced to walk the streets of the nearest city in fishnets! Cheer in triumph as your sheep survive a cold snap and are purchased at above average prices on account of a winter-generated seller’s market! The fate of the farm is in your hands – Farming Simulator lets you be the boss.

Farming Simulator APK is the Android spin-off of the inexplicably popular PC game that centres around growing an agricultural empire. Run daring missions to deliver grain to nearby farm shop distributors, nurture business relationships with various tractor dealerships and acquire yourself a fleet of iron chariots of reputable brands, but most importantly – don’t let yourself become a subsistence farmer!
Any agricultural analyst will tell you subsistence farming is a fool’s game and sooner or later you, and everyone you’ve ever cared for, will die a miserable death of starvation, malnutrition and a broken heart. Keep the dream alive with Farming Simulator – the only farming simulator APK that lets you know the true joys of an isolated existence in barren field, one full of toil and labour punctuated only by the occasional day of rest brought about by bad weather.

Download Farming Simulator APK for Android and Start Farming for Fun!

For many, it’s the challenge of a lifetime, for you – it’s just for fun! Farming Simulator APK probably won’t qualify you for any actual agricultural tasks at all, but it’ll at least make you look a little less stupid when you’re down the pub with all your pro farmer mates and you can all have a good laugh about Fendt’s latest combine harvester! Riotous good fun on Farming Simulator can only be attained if you download Farming Simulator APK – it’s time to slip into the wellies, grab the pitchfork, familiarise yourself with questionable racial views from the 70s and head out to the farm!
Download Farming Simulator 18 APK for free right here, right now.