Fishing Life

Fishing Life Mod APK 0.0.116

Nexelon inc. Sports


Additional Information of Fishing Life for Android

Category: Sports
Compatible with: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Version: 0.0.116
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 68.45 MB
Developer: Nexelon inc.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 21
MOD: Yes

Description for Fishing Life APK

Fishing. An age old activity, once the means of survival, now a recreational sport…and here, in the 21st century? Brought to your Android device with the Fishing Life APK download. The game sells itself as a peaceful game meant to keep your hours nice and soothing. Whether you’re bored or your hearts racing with anxiety, settle down with Fishing Life and let the rod, calm waters and beautiful sunsets calm your burning soul. Daily life is no match for the relaxing Fishing Life. Developed by Nexelon Studios this game is surprisingly complex yet still remains relaxing. Here’s a rundown of some of the coolest parts of the game.

Main Features of Fishing Life

  • First up, the general aesthetic is pretty nice. It definitely runs with the smooth, relaxing gameplay the game is marketed with. It has a sort of pastel-like color palette, suitable for those weary eyes of yours after a long day in the office. The music is comprised of soothing guitar riffs like something off an unknown indie album released in the mid 2000s. Plus, the gameplay is extremely easy to understand. Hold your finger and cast your bait. Simple, yet completely addictive.
  • The main character is very relatable. Fish Life actually markets itself as this is one of the biggest features. You’re meant to be able to relate this fella out fishing on the lake. It could be you out there on the lake, no job, no family, no kids, just you and a bucket load o’ fish. Can you think of anything better? Can you?
  • As you progress through the game you unlock a bigger boat and, as a result, catch bigger fish. Whether you believe in the moral righteousness of fishing or whether it’s something that doesn’t bother you at all, you do have to appreciate the fact that fishing is just darn good fun. Out goes the bait. Reel in the line. Ooh, there’s a tug-a-lug-lug. Is it a small fish without hopes and dreams or a whale as big as your boat? Can you reel it in?
  • SOUNDS. Yep. The sounds in this game are clearly one of the most important features. Heavily laid out as ‘ASMR’, the sounds are designed to relax you and ease your suffering. This makes it easier to catch fish because fish are afraid of sadness. If they can smell the sadness they won’t come near your boat. You need to be relaxed. Breathing calmly. Still as a Buddha. Buddha’s love fish because the marine creatures are implicitly Karma-free, too simple-minded to have ever purposefully caused anyone harm, and the micro-plastics in their stomach are not their fault, even if the plastics, which are yet to be fully scientifically studied, may cause the premature death of hundreds of thousands of people who regularly tuck into Fish n’ Chips on the seafronts of below-average seaside towns in England.
  • As you collect your fish you can stick ’em in an Aquarium, as the lord intended. Every time you can look at those fish, collected through the power of your own rod and arms, and feel that you are truly important in the world. You’ve made a difference. Those fish were nothing without you. Minding their own business under the ocean. NOW THEY’RE YOURS! That’s really what Fish Life APK is really about. Discovering a magical where you become a fish overlord. Better than your desk job. For sure. 100%.

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