Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer

Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer APK

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Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer


Football Strike is the ultimate goal-shooting game now available as an APK download from APKNite. Take this classic format to an entirely new level with the best goal-shooting game ever developed. Awesome 3D graphics, smooth gameplay and lots and lots of features make this the most addictive game of the year.

Main gameplay features of Football Strike

Football Strike APK has so many awesome features that set it apart from other games like it. The first thing you’ll notice are the sweet graphics. Whether you’re playing as the goalkeeper or the shooter, you’ll notice how responsive the graphics are and how it all feels under your fingertips. Let’s dive into these features and find out more.

  • We already mentioned it, but Football Strike has a cool feature where you can play as the striker or the goalkeeper! This means you get to be on both ends of the football and replicate both scoring and saving…and you know when this is really fun? When you’re playing Multiplayer with your friends!
  • Yep. Football Strike has taken the goal shooting genre to the next level by introducing a Multiplayer feature! Get your friends to download the APK version of this game to their Android phone and then you can play together. The multiplayer works as one shooter and goalkeeper, so get your boots and gloves ready to beat your friends.
  • There are all sorts of different game modes to try out as well, such as a Shooting Race or Free Kick Mode. You can play these in single player for practice and then test out your finger-flick kick in real-time multiplayer.
  • You can also play as your favorite teams, such as Barcelona, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund and more. Check out the awesome kits and choose your favorite!
  • Extensive career mode with a pleasing increase in difficulty level! Conquer foe after foe and increase your team ranking over time.
  • Collect different items as you progress through the storyline. All sorts of cool footballs, kits and trainers. Nice! Improve your kit and win more games, that’s how it works right?
  • The game is updated with seasonal updates such as tournaments that coincide with real-life championships – pit yourself against some of the world’s best players!

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