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The time has finally come for you to claim your inheritance. One of boundless potential, waiting to be invested in. Now is the time to step up and claim and renovate your garden in the Gardenscapes APK free download.

Gardenscapes is one of the many “scapes”-style puzzle games. Meaning, players must complete various tasks in order to fully customize and perfect their dream areas and locations. There’s a catch though, you’ll need to play through some puzzles in order to score points.

At first, this may seem like a simple task. In fact, scapes games can fluctuate and scale in difficulty quite frequently. One minute you’ll breeze through some seemingly-easy puzzles. Next you’ll find you’ve already pulled out every strand of hair on your head, trying to solve another.

In turn, this leaves for non-stop challenges and consistency within the Gardenscapes game. If you don’t believe us, why not try the Gardenscapes download and see for yourself.

The story of Gardenscapes

The previous owners of a grand mansion have passed. So, you have inherited their most prized possession—a beautiful, yet old garden. This is where the story of Gardenscapes begins.

Although you’ve managed to get your hands on this nice establishment, there’s work—yet to be done. You’ll find that the garden has many cobwebs, leaves, and broken arrangements scattered about.

Now is the time to throw together a few renovations. Or a lot. You decide, based on your own preference.

In addition to this garden, the prized butler of the estate is still roaming the halls. He will assist you in a quick tutorial of the game and any further work which needs to be done. Think of him as your conscious within the game.

After the two of you are acquainted, the work can begin. Start by following simple instructions to transform the blank slate of shrubbery, into an idealistic and phenomenal garden.

Once you’ve completed an array of tasks, you’ll be able to freely customize your garden even more. But remember, a garden is an investment. You may find yourself full enveloped in the experience of the Gardenscapes game.

Features within Gardenscapes

Next are the features within Gardenscapes. When talking features, we mean additional experiences found, whilst playing through the game.

This can include accessing your newsfeed to communicate and share details with NPC’s and other players. Also included is access to call other NPC’s to catch up with them or ask for help on certain tasks.

This adds a layer on personality and immersion into the game. You’ll find that Gardenscapes has become a second home to yourself.

At this point, you may want to check up on your garden every day. Who knows, maybe you’ll need to rake some leaves or replace your fountain.

The gameplay aspect of Gardenscapes

Finally, the bread and butter of the Gardenscapes game — the gameplay.

The focus of the puzzle-style gameplay is to match specific pieces in rows and progress through the puzzle. Mainly fulfilling certain criteria, like matching a certain amount of puzzles pieces or digging up gnomes beneath the grass. As you progress through the game, you’ll find more difficult achievements to be met.

Once you successfully complete a stage, you’ll be rewarded a star piece. These star pieces can be used to renovate your garden with certain jobs. These jobs can be anywhere from digging up leaves, or calling friends to repair certain objects.

Additionally, to add an amount of replay-ability, you have a certain amount of lives. These lives will be expended for each time you cannot complete a stage. And trust us, there will be many uncompleted puzzles.

A couple of noteworthy perks within the game are power-ups. These can help dig your way through many stages.

Bombs can be created by stacking many rows of the same pieces. They’ll detonate and remove any unwanted pieces from the board. Furthermore, many power-ups can be won with a special roulette or just as prizes from completing tasks and reaching certain levels.

Try Gardenscapes for yourself

After all of this, you should grab your copy of the Gardenscapes free download. It’s quick and easy to download. And the catch—hours of addicting garden building and puzzle-solving.

Sounds good to us.

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