Godus Mod APK 0.0.60

22cans Simulation

Download Godus Mod APK download and explore the god within you. Want to get worshiped and revered? Then you should get on Godus.


Additional Information of Godus for Android

Category: Simulation
Compatible with: 4.1
Version: 0.0.60
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Size: 52M
Developer: 22cans
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 12
MOD: Yes

Description for Godus APK

Godus essentially involves players playing the role of a god in a simulation, with a few people living in a designated landscape.

In this regard, the game gives players unlimited power – at least concerning the people living in the simulation. Accordingly, as their god, players are expected to regulate the people and rule over them.

With the unlimited and god-like powers given to players, Godus becomes a thrilling game because of the extensive length of things that can be done.

For example, players can use their power to sculpt landscapes, mountains, road networks, streams, and every other thing; either for aesthetics, or to rule over the people, or for any reason at all – after all, you are god and you cannot be questioned.

As god also, you are to watch your followers you rule over. See how they grow, learn, and live in a simulation world. You create places where they can live and beautify their community, invoking the awe in them as they reverence you.

Feel the godlike experience as you nurture your followers, you keep a tab on their growth from the primitive stage to their civilization. Unlock hidden things and expose your followers to new tools that can aid their growth, while they thank you for it. 

However, you would require an internet connection to play it

Graphics and Gameplay

Godus is a simulation game with a good level of graphics.

The gameplay is not so static. Because you are allowed to the dynamic things as much as you want, there is no one-size-fit-all gameplay.

At particular points, the gameplay of the game changes depending on what a player intends to do. 

However, this makes the game more interesting and thrilling because there are diverse things that can be done.

Download Godus Mod APK Latest Version

One thing to state is that in the Godus game, while you may have followers and powers, you also risk losing your followers to another civilization, and you might not have enough gems to exercise the full length of your powers.

Not anymore. With the Godus Mod latest version, this is dealt with. The latest version gives players the best thrill they can get in the game. Some of the major features include:

  • Unlimited followers
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited belief; and many other things

Get the Godus Mod APK and see for yourself!


Enjoy only what the gods enjoy. Get the Godus Mod APK now.

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