Granny: Chapter Two

Granny: Chapter Two Mod APK 1.1.5

DVloper Arcade

Download Granny Chapter Two Mod APK as you take a dive into the world of interesting horror.


Additional Information of Granny: Chapter Two for Android

Category: Arcade
Compatible with: 4.1
Version: 1.1.5
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Size: 98.15 MB
Developer: DVloper
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 11
MOD: Yes

Description for Granny: Chapter Two APK

Granny Chapter Two is basically a horror game available on almost all platforms, if not all, particularly Android platforms.

In the game, players are locked in a house with granny – grandpa and grandma. 

Essentially, players are expected to escape the house, without drawing the attention of either granny. Where this rule is broken, the granny in sight comes at the player with the intention of ending the player – or the player’s avatar, at least.

The game allows for different ways of escaping from the house.

One of such ways is passing through a sewer connected to the house. But escaping is one thing while staying alive enough to escape is another.

Usually, players are to first ensure they do not attract the attention of any of the grannies.

Outside the grannies, the house is also filled with its own traps and areas where footsteps and movements can be heard.

Hence, in the bid to escape, stealth is also very important. In fact, stealth is essential to escaping in the game.

Graphics and Gameplay

The game uses a simple 3D graphics design, which makes it more interesting for most players.

Also, while players are expected to try and maneuver the grannies and secure escape, it is the case that sometimes, the grannies still stay alert and see the players – or their avatar – trying to escape.

In situations as this, any of the grannies alerted charges to attack. Players can pick up items to defend themselves. Although the defense is not absolute, but it wards off the grannies for a considerable period.

Alternatively, players can hide in some obscure areas, like wardrobes. Generally, players are to hide in areas where any of the grannies cannot notice them, else, the grannies will attack.

In addition, outside trying to escape the grannies, the house is also filled with traps that can both alert the grannies and hold players down. 

Therefore, it is important this is looked out for.

The game comes with different difficulties, with the least being “practice”. Here, players navigate the house without the grannies, to see the best hiding and escape spots. However, the traps still remain.

Download Granny Chapter Two Mod APK

The Mod version of Granny Chapter Two makes it easier and the more interesting. This is as a result of the features they allow. Some include:

  • Freezing the grannies from attacking
  • Eternal health
  • Ability to find the necessary keys to unlock doors


Get on board the horror world with Granny Chapter Two. Enjoy it better with the Mod version. Download Granny Chapter Two Mod now.

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