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Grass Cut is a simple yet addictive Android game you can download as an apk now. Using just the magic touch of a single finger you can eradicate great swathes of grass with super-sharp razor blades!

This is a soothing game that you can play offline/online depending on where you are. We recommend that you download the game on WiFi though, it’s not a huge file, but it will take a while if you don’t.

What exactly is Grass Cut? Do I get to ride a lawnmower?

A puzzle game mostly, in Grass Cut you have to work your way across complicated levels.  There are different islands covered in grass and you must swing your razor round and round!

There isn’t much else to this apk download. It’s just a simple, fun game you can play for hours. We recommend that you play the game offline so you can skip on the adverts that pop up!

Practice cutting grass and earn a couple of $$$

Get used to cutting grass so you can help out your neighbors tidy up their yards. Just grab yourself a handful of spinning razorblades and see what you can come up with. Careful, watch out for your tendons! Don’t want to render yourself unable to move! Besides, you’ll need the money you earn from cutting grass to pay the money to get rid of the ads in this free game. It’s a nightmare even trying to play ONE level!

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