Hill Climb Racing

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The original Hill Climb Racing was released in 2012 and by the end of the first year it had been downloaded 100 million times. It’s a fun take on the classic physics-based driving games that were released over the last decade for the browser format before apps and mobile gaming took over the industry. Now you can download this iconic game as an APK file, with older versions, previous updates and the original full release all available on APKNite.


The main premise of Hill Climb Racing is to navigate a truck or car over bumpy terrain and reach the end of the level without flipping over or running out of fuel. As you go you can collect coins that can be used to purchase new vehicles. This was a fairly simple premise, but as the game continued to be developed we saw the introduction of many other cool features.

Other top features of Hill Climb Racing APK

  • The ability to customize your car was added in an early patch. You can customize your vehicle with different parts and designs.
  • A purchasable in-game currency was introduced, of course called ‘gems’, which can be used to make bigger and better additions to your vehicle and buy some special cars.
  • Cards were also introduced which you can obtain from a chest for free every 4 hours. These cards can be used to unlock special items which might read with a special statline, like ‘Power Usage -%50.’
  • Different cards have different values, such as Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and this will affect the power of the cards…a great way to keep you playing that is also very addictive!

Although you need an internet connection to collect the free chest, you can download Hill Climb Racing as an APK and play it offline, perfect for that long commute or subway ride. This is also a great way to avoid adverts – just turn your internet off!

Older version of Hill Climb Racing - APK
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