Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Mod APK 1.23.0 B.V. Role playing


Additional Information of Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom for Android

Category: Role playing
Compatible with: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Version: 1.23.0
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 123.32 MB
Developer: B.V.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 10
MOD: Yes

Description for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom APK

Welcome to Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom, one of the leading games on Android. Download the APK mod and jump into this amazing world, which takes direct inspiration from the ever-groundbreaking Fallout: Shelter. You must design, run and purchase your castle into the history books.

Become the lord of a real medieval castle from the comfort of your mobile phone. Bring in new subjects, assign them new jobs around the castle, then train an army to protect your ordinary denizens of the castle. Rivals will challenge you, accidents and disasters will plague you, and it is only up to you to figure out the best way to succeed.

Much of the importance of Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom comes from the success of your army. Just like any real-life medieval kingdom, if you don’t have the manpower to sustain your castle then you’re going to feel the pain of a rival lord’s crushing fist.

Your troops start out as pudgy layabouts, dragged up from neighbouring regions, torn from their families to make sure their families can exist in this dark and troubled world. As you train them up, you’ll realize they are capable than more than you could have ever imagined.

Once you’ve trained them up, take them out to battle Grav the Mighty Brainpan, squish the Abyss Lord, and take down a few enemy’s castles for tasty loot!

Your castle breathes with medieval life. All day long your scribes scratch away with quills, dreaming of new possibilities, new research to heighten the power of your fiefdom. Treasures stumble over coins and loot from successful raids. Blacksmiths forge fierce weapons and drop anvils on their toes in your name! In the dating room, magic happens, bringing new life to your castle, born and bred within the damp walls. Your loyal subjects, at your command.

Best Features of Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom APK game for Android

  • The campaign is strictly story-driven. There are literally hundreds of different missions to go through. Fight orcs, giants, skeletal hordes, and even dragons. There are magical mysteries, cold steel and cunning tactics. Do whatever it takes to make sure your castle survives another day. Your people rely on you, my lord.
  • The castle construction is wicked. So in-depth, literally, it’s based very much on the modular system innovated by Fallout: Shelter. Stack rooms together and join them up. The rooms gain in power and level as you upgrade them and string them together to make more room for subjects. There is some tactical placement required to optimize your castle!
  • Training your castle denizens and villagers is an essential part of your life as king. This doesn’t mean you need to go down into the dungeons yourself, but make sure they are all working hard. Each subject can learn new skills…if you push them hard enough. With certain specialities comes the ability to use certain items. Train truly great warriors and scribes, then swap them around, to create warrior-scribes, the backbone of a successful empire.
  • This is a mobile game, so there are multiplayer features. Burn and plunder nearby real-player castles.

Upcoming Features of Hustle Castle: APK for mobile

  • Currently, clans in the works. This makes sense in a game about medieval warfare, right? Soon you will have the option to create clans together with your mates. Talk in chat. Develop your kingdom. Train your champions, to fight together. Conquer territories. And eventually, DOMINATE. You need to spend real money though, or those whales from their mom’s basements will wipe the floor with you. To beat a whale you must become a whale.
  • There are some cool puzzle-y bits coming up, like portals and mazes. These give you more options to earn boosts, rewards and unique chests. New options like this will include new bosses, new enemies, and new territories.
  • New options to make money. No longer will you need to rely solely on combat to bring in gold to your empire. Introducing: CARAVANS. Start trading.
  • New additions to the story mode coming along as well.
  • New collection options and new unique heroes to add to your roster.
  • Log-in bonuses, COME ON! It’s a mobile game you can download as an apk.
  • Added optimizations and improvements to the game’s performance and general gameplay.!

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