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Idle Heroes Mod APK 1.22.0.p2

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Additional Information of Idle Heroes for Android

Category: Role playing
Compatible with: Android 2.3.2+ (Gingerbread, API 9)
Version: 1.22.0.p2
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 142.96 MB
Developer: DHGAMES
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 23
MOD: Yes

Description for Idle Heroes APK

Welcome to Idle Heroes, one of the most popular games on the Google Play Store, now available as an apk download. Voted an ‘Android Excellence Game’, there are over 30 million global players enjoying Idle Heroes even as you read this. Why wait? Install now and see what the craze is all about.

Millions of players battle it out across the world. Commence your adventure from Sara Forest to the High Heaven. Lead your band of heroes into ancient ruins, terrifying dungeons, and into epic battlefields to defeat the forces of darkness. This game goes beyond the measure of ordinary Android games. People have spent long hours crafting intense PVE tier lists, strategy guides and creating memes. This is Mobile gaming at the next level!

And the best part about it? Most of the fun comes when you’re not even playing at all, which means you can sit back and get on with the rest of your life without being glued to your screen for 8 hours a day.

Here’s a rundown of the best Idle Heroes game features:

For a game to reach this level popularity it needs to have some excellent features. And Idle Heroes really doesn’t disappoint.

  • IDLE Gameplay – the best way to play on mobile

Idle games are one of the most popular formats of casual gaming out there right now. From instant classics like Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes, to idle games that allow you to build cities, go dungeon crawling and more, idle games are perfect for something you can hold in your hand. Why? Because the game carries on even while you’re not playing. In Idle Heroes, for example, you send your heroes into the training camp. When you get back to your phone – after work, school, dinner, whatever – your heroes will have progressed, getting stronger, earning new abilities, and fighting fresh. This way you can build up a powerful army without grinding out in front of the screen while you have more important things to do. Nice!

  • Evolving Strategy and Meta Game

Up to this point, there is an incredible array of over 200 heroes in different factions. Each hero has their selection of unique skills. At first this can seem a little daunting, but the game is designed for casual players and you’ll quickly find yourself getting caught up in the world of Idle Heroes. Choose your warriors, summon them from the light, or from the dark, and train them to become more powerful. Or, convert them into so-called ‘Spirit Material’ to use them in the evolution process. Confused? All will be clear once you download the APK and get playing. Beyond the heroes there’s also a huge range of different magical gears, outfits and equipment that your heroes will need to use to achieve VICTORY.

  • An Excessive Amount of Content

One problem we’ve seen time and time again with these sorts of games is a distinct LACK OF CONTENT. However, Idle Heroes defies all expectations on that front. There are literally hundreds of different battlegrounds to discover. These include dungeons, ruins, jungles, forests, tundra and all sorts of other settings, each designed with a unique approach to the gameplay. Across these landscapes you’ll find different heroic quests, strange and scary towers shrouded in mystery, arenas to battle it out against other players and PVE, and guilds to join to help your heroes on their way!

  • Guilds…a must-have in modern social media gaming

In this day and age of mobile gaming, socialization is a massive part of the enjoyment. In Idle Heroes you can communicate and join forces with players across the world in massive guilds. These guilds battle it out against one another for control of great swathes of the imaginary floating continent. Join these multiplayer battles to defeat guild boss-battles and lead your guild to become the ultimate guild IN THE WORLD.

  • Worldwide Arena Competitions

This is the true way to trust your worthiness of heroic status. Send your well-trained heroes off to battle and compete in this multiplayer test for glory. Climb the leaderboard and reap the best rewards. History is written by the victor!

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