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Additional Information of Iron Muscle for Android

Category: Sports
Compatible with: 4.4
Version: 0.821
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Size: 108.26 MB
Developer: fitness - bodybuilding - gym - muscle training
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 11
MOD: Yes

Description for Iron Muscle APK

This is not just the usual simulation game that you are used to. It is a management, idle and adventure game, all in one fantastic package.

You can customize a character of your choice, set the desired weight, height, fat percentage as well as muscle mass and begin your journey to body building in the game and also in real life.

You can also and out your daily exercise routine to increase the size of your muscles for optimum results.

Your character stats is also closely monitored by the game so that it notifies you when you do something that is not expected of you.

In this game, you can monitor your dietary regimen. Your aim of playing the game is to obtain the trophy for the IM Bodybuilding competition.

So in this game, you’ll have to earn, eat clean and train your way to the top!

Gameplay and Graphics

But in addition to basic mechanics, there are many other actions, freedoms, and opportunities for an excellent hobby.

Iron Muscle is an original and ideally built game with an amusing graphic style and RPG elements.

The major character in this game is a fragile-looking young man that wants a better body shape. To progress in this game, there is a need to build a significant musculature.

You can do this by engaging the right schemes and activities that are provided in the game.

The storyline of Iron Muscle is funny plus it features a lot of useful customization that makes the gameplay a heck of fun.

One of the very cool features of Iron Muscle is the fact that it can help you reach your goals when you decide to go all out with it.

Like a real-life workout, it can also help you to train some specific muscle group in your body to the size you’ll like.

The particular training method for these muscles affords you the opportunity to develop them optimally.

Also, there are muscles that may be smaller than the others, but with this game, they can easily be developed.

The graphics of Iron Muscle is top-notch and illustrative and a lot of gamers also find it funny and interactive. Attractive animations for every workout advancement is also a feature that you’ll enjoy in this game.

Download Iron Muscle Be the Champion MOD APK

The Mod version of this game is better than the non-mod version of this game majorly for one reason.

The Mod version of this game features no ads.


Iron Muscle Be the Champion is a fun game that doubles as a bodybuilding program which can help you to be fit and trim.

Download Iron Muscle Be the Champion Mod apk now.

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