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Kick the Buddy from Playgendary Games is a hilarious and funny game wherein you decimate Buddy the Doll. You have a range of different tools and weapons at your disposal, giving you hours of fun in this game you can now download as an apk.

This game is reminiscent of the Mutilate a Doll series that was popular way back when people still played browser games. The premise is much the same. Bash and beat the hell out of Buddy, the more you beat him up the quicker you unlock new things to beat him with!

Use explosions, the power of ice, fire, destruction, smash his brains out with a mace, wield the power of the Gods themselves! NEVER STOP. There’s only one thing you need to do – KICK THE BUDDY!

Best and Most Fun Game Features of Kick the Buddy

This is a tried-and-tested formula. You have a range of different tools at your disposal.

  • Rockets, automatic rifles, mace, shurikens, even the immense power of a nuclear weapon.
  • If you’re having a bad day then Kick the Buddy is here to save your soul. Unleash your anger on this doll!
  • Progress through the game and unlock more and greater items! More damage is essential, so work your way through various items as you collect more loot.

Downsides of the Kick the Buddy

  • Yep. There are some significant problems with this game. First and foremost, it’s definitely a full-on Freemium game. As the base game begins you’re given access to a Mace,  a Baretta pistol (which basically does nothing),  a bunch of colored balls…and that’s about it.
  • Sure, the game teases you with these potential awesome new items. But you will need to play for many, many, many hours to unlock all of them without spending anything on the game.
  • There are multiple different currency types which usually spells disaster for a free game. Multiple currency means you often need to buy one to unlock the other and vice versa.
  • The advertisements are also very noticeable. After pretty much every time you knock Buddy unconscious…BAM. Adverts. Want to unlock your chest? BAM. Advert.

Overall, Kick the Buddy is an OKAY game that is fun for all of 10 minutes. Once you realise how much the game relies on in-game purchases, you really don’t want to bother grinding through the different items to unlock more items to hurl and kick and beat Buddy. Either way, give it a go and try it as an apk download.

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