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Magic Tiles 3
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Magic Tiles 3 is one of the best rhythm games you can play on the Google Play Store, now available as an APK download directly to your Android device. Jump in and hear from your favorite artists and see if you can hit record scores! We love rhythm games at APKNite because they are so addictive…even if you’re not a massive fan of the song you’re listening to!

What is Magic Tile 3? Why should I download it?

There have been two other Magic Tile installments, of course – Magic Tile and Magic Tile 2. You can download both of these as an Android APK app, and you might have to…they’re older versions of the game! They’re all quite similar. Of course, the songs are different for each game, but the general premise is the same: tap the tiles in time, or lose.


However, one of the coolest things about Magic Tile 3 is the fact that now you can play online against other, real-life players! This is a great way to test your skills against talented opponents and earn lots of rubies to unlock new songs! So get your friends to check out APKNite and download the Magic Tile 3 APK so you can play together.

Other great features include different packs to unlock with different songs inside, different levels, and a global scoreboard so you can check your rank against friends and strangers.

One issue!

We have to mention that the adverts are rife all over the app. Every time you die you get the chance to carry on by watching a video…okay! Then they are forced in your face every time your start a level, or move from one area of the app to another. Constant adverts!

However, the gameplay is fun. It’s addictive. And if you get sucked in far enough a 30 second advert is no big deal. Plus, if you have to watch an advert every time you fail…just don’t fail. Simple!

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