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Make it perfect Mod APK 1.0.16


Download Make It Perfect Mod APK and create your own OCD safe haven. Challenge the perfectionist in you and get in on the game.


Additional Information of Make it perfect for Android

Category: Puzzle
Compatible with: 4.4
Version: 1.0.16
Price: Free
Author: John Arthur
Size: 83.86 MB
Developer: VOODOO
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 26
MOD: Yes

Description for Make it perfect APK

Make it perfect is a casual and easy game which is aimed at bringing out the perfectionism in players.

Basically, the game presents players with a set of improperly arranged items, and players are to arrange the items in a perfect pattern, sequence, or format.

Essentially, the game requires players to look through the items and come up with the perfect pattern.

After the exercise of finding the perfect pattern in which the items are to be arranged, the players are then handed the responsibility to arrange them properly.

Where the player does arrange the items properly, they advance to the next level. 

Also, based on how perfect the arrangement was, and some other factors, the player may be given “stars”. 

If the arrangement is entirely perfect, the player becomes entitled to three stars. Where the arrangement is good, the player gets a two-star; and when the arrangement is not so good, although the player qualifies for the next level, he earns just one star.

However, as the game continues, the levels become more difficult.

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphics of the game are fair enough. Also, the gameplay of the game is somewhat interesting, easy to understand and makes for an overall good gaming experience.

The point of the game is clear – try to rearrange the items into the patterns they best fit in.

Upon achieving this aim, players can advance to the next level. Although the aim may be easy, as the game advances, it becomes difficult over time. 

In any case, the aim is set and clear.

Download Make It Perfect Mod APK

Make It Perfect is a simple game, both in terms of access and enjoyment.

However, the Mod version exists to make it better. The main feature of Make It Perfect Mod APK is the ability to bypass any restrictions in the normal versions, and this aids to enjoy the game more.


Enjoy Make It Perfect more. Show the perfectionist in you and have items arranged.

But with the Mod, it gets better.

Experience this by downloading Make It Perfect Mod APK now.

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