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Monster Hunter Stories Mod APK 1.0.2

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Additional Information of Monster Hunter Stories for Android

Category: Role playing
Compatible with: 5.0
Version: 1.0.2
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 0 bytes
Developer: CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 04/ 02
MOD: Yes

Description for Monster Hunter Stories APK

Welcome to Monster Hunter Stories, a game you can now download as an apk for your mobile Android devices. This is the mobile version and world’s first Monster Hunter RPG game available for mobile.

Monster Hunter is right now Capcom’s best selling game of all time. With the upcoming Iceborne addition coming to the main game, Monster Hunter Stories is a fun game you can play on your mobile while you wait for the new expansion.

Developed by Marvelous, Monster Hunter Stories is a spin-off game based in the OG universe of MH.  In this game, you play as a Rider rather than a Hunter, and the game is based on a role-playing turn-based battle system, not dissimilar to other JRPGS.

More About Monster Hunter Stories APK

This is a world where huge monsters roam. People across the world have adapted to live, work and hunt alongside these monsters.  Each remote village has different customs. You’ll discover them as you explore the vast world.

These people are the primarily the Monster Riders, a people who don’t hunt the monsters for their own gain, but rather form special bonds with the monsters and live alongside them in peace. Unlike the hunters, they live in harmony with the monsters and use mysterious artefacts known as Kinship Stones.

Those monsters that form friendships with Riders, known as the cute name “Monsties,” actually possess very special powers which are enhanced by their humanoid counterparts. As you become a Rider and develop your relationship with the Monsties, you’ll discover the vast and exciting world, very impressive considering Monster Hunter Stories is an APK game.

Best Features of Monster Hunter Stories game for Android

  • There are so many different monsties to collect. Most of these are available during the progression of the story, though this is still a mobile game so you can expect some big real-life cash-money purchases necessary to get the coolest and most powerful monsters. With your creature buddies, you explore vast RPG world environments, discover monster dens and uncover eggs from the depths to bring back to your base and hatch.
  • Monster battles. A Monster Hunter game would not be a game if you couldn’t battle with various other hunters, riders, and monsters.  There are online and network battles available. This means you can play with people from across the world and play locally with your friends. Build a team of your best and favorite monsters to challenge and conquer other players.
  • There are brand new features for the smartphone version of Monster Hunter, this very game to download as an apk now. The graphics have been optimized for mobile performance and they look great, there’s an improved user interface for mobile and a new auto-save feature for those dodgy phone moments.

The Stories of Monster Hunter Stories

  • Here we have an epic tale. An RPG tale that stretches out over years of our character’s lives. This particular epic begins with three young ‘uns, your hero (which is basically yours), Lilia, and Cheval. Out walking they stumble across a shining egg. Excited by the prospect of their own monster, they do a playful Rite of Kinship. It works!
  • Once the egg hatches, it reveals an adorable baby Rathalos. This is a flying wyvern known as “the King of the Skies.” All of the friends decide on the cute name “Ratha,” and take him back to the village.
  • Without any warning, a horrible monster infected by the Black Blight attacks the village. They are successful in driving the monster away, but it scars the hearts of your friends, Cheval and Lilia.
  • Many years later, the hero, which is you, by the way, receives a Kinship Stone from the Chief of the Village. The hero officially becomes a Rider. Your friends, Cheval and Lilia, leave the village and go on their own separate journey. You partner up with the happy Navirou and embark on a new adventure into the Monster Hunter world of stories.

Important details about the smaller aspects of Monster Hunter Stories APK game

  • Like we mentioned, there are multiplayer functions in the game, though they are only unlocked after a certain amount of progress in the single-player game.
  • Likewise, you can only play against players who have purchased the paid version of this Android game.
  • You can’t play with players who are playing on the Japanese version of Monster Hunter stories.
  • If you want to play make sure you’re somewhere with a good connection, otherwise you might experience dropouts and general performance lag.
  • To play online, you need to sign into Google Play game services. This isn’t an issue when you download the APK of this game because you side-load the game through the store anyway.

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