Multicraft: Pocket Edition

Multicraft: Pocket Edition Mod APK

Blockhead Studio Adventure


Additional Information of Multicraft: Pocket Edition for Android

Category: Adventure
Compatible with: Android 2.3.2+ (Gingerbread, API 9)
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 24.1 MB
Developer: Blockhead Studio
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 03/ 07
MOD: Yes

Description for Multicraft: Pocket Edition APK

Download Multicraft: Pocket Edition APK free now to experience the majesty of the blocky legacy on your Android device. You can build and create the most wonderful worlds online, but it takes you to make that dream a reality. For those with a creative mind, this is a limitless exploration of what you can build.

Mine, craft, create and survive in Multicraft: Pocket Edition – the wonderfully adapted mobile version rip-off of the hit classic Minecraft. Multicraft, you will soon see, is pretty much exactly the Pocket Edition version of Minecraft but for free. Expect more advertisements, a poorer performance, but all the crafting and building you could ever want.

Faced with the daunting task of another thankless night alone in the house, real life might not offer you quite so many opportunities for the unbridled creativity that you can exhibit during a session on Multicraft. Simply download the APK and get started on constructing something weird, something wonderful or – if there’s a dark side lurking within you somewhere, then feel free to set out to destroy. It’s entirely up to you, but always remember – the key to success in this fun survival game is to perservere!

Lots of folks are happy to splurge large sums of money in pursuit of the dream gamer lifestyle, but with this Multicraft APK, we like to think of your bottom line before we publish games we know you’ll love, so you can have it – have it all – for free, no less. With that in mind, all we ask is that you really unleash your imagination when you play Multicraft: PE so you can give something back to the game, something that enhances the experience of other gamers and you, in effect, pay it forwards. Be the gamer you want to be!

Multicraft: Pocket Edition – All of the Beauty of the Original, in Your Pocket, for free!

  • Download Multicraft to experience the fantastic adaptation for mobile with touch-screen controls
  • Offers a simple, yet limitless world for you to build or destroy where you can channel your creativity
  • Survive against hordes of monsters as you craft in the way that only Multicraft APK lets you
  • Cross-platform compatible multiplayer sandbox mode allows you to collaborate or compete with players worldwide

Download Multicraft for free now to get started on a world of your making. In the spirit of Minecraft, where you are totally free to build whatever you dream, Multicraft: Pocket Edition is free to download here.

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