Murder in the Alps

Murder in the Alps Mod APK 4.1

Nordcurrent Adventure


Additional Information of Murder in the Alps for Android

Category: Adventure
Compatible with: Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19)
Version: 4.1
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 100.1 MB
Developer: Nordcurrent
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 05/ 24
MOD: Yes

Description for Murder in the Alps APK

Murder in the Alps is the most recent addition to Nordcurrent’s repertoire of well-received Freemium games for Android devices. Download Murder in the Alps APK for a murder, detective mystery thrill game like no other. It’s basically a totally interactive and hands-on crime novel with stunning gameplay mechanics. All you have to do is travel back to the crazy 1930s and help the cast of this novel solve complicated mysteries and experience a fabulously authentic atmosphere. Nordcurrent have proved time and time again they can make brilliant, intense games with good graphics…

Murder in the Alps is no different!

Storyline Overview…GETTING SPOOKY!

Murder in the Alps apk is set in a hotel, as many mystery games, movies and books SHOULD be. They are transient places. Fear comes and go as quickly as the patrons. This hotel is set in the Alps, itself a remote and beautiful location, a fantastic setting for a video game. Although the game looks idyllic from the outset, things naturally take a turn for the horrible. One guest goes missing and then strange events begin to occur. As they do.

Anna Myers, a Zurich-based journalist who was on holiday at the hotel, decides she should take on the mystery. Either for the success of her journalism or for her own morbid curiosity, she gets stuck right in. Each day and the plot grows deeper and murkier…there are 10 possible suspects, each more mysterious than the last.

One thing Nordcurrent always gets right in their games is a fantastic attention to detail. The level design is pristine. From the airy heights of the gorgeous Alps to the darkiest, most disgusting hotel cellars, the game is everything an atmospheric story-based narrative should be. There’s great immersive gameplay where you essentially have a big impact on the story, and the story itself will keep you hooked.

Alongside progressing through the narrative there are also more gamey elements, such as crazy puzzles that take real effort to solve, complex character relationships and hints you need to pick up, and use your mind to figure out who the murderous stranger could be. There’s a deadline. The killer is working their way through the hotel. Can you solve the case before everyone is turned to blood-pie? Can you mastermind the complicated clues? Will you find the answer to the Murder in the Alps!?

Best Game Features – Reasons to Download Murder in the Alps APK

  • The immersive storyline puts this game ahead of its competition. Most mobile games give you a quick job with a couple of simple tricks meant to get you to drop a couple of bucks before never playing the game again. Murder in the Alps has been designed to give you a long-lasting and enjoyable experience, really pushing the limits of your typical Android mobile game.
  • There are hours of gameplay. Way more than your average game. Each and every room in the hotel is accessible, giving you almost complete freedom to approach the game from your unique angle. Beyond the hotel lie further surroundings, each open and waiting for you to explore. In these different zones and settings, you’ll find hidden clues. Are your eyes sharp enough

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