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Category: Casual
Compatible with: 4.2
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 0 bytes
Developer: Shimon Young : Play Home Software
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020/ 03/ 05
MOD: Yes

Description for My PlayHome : Play Home Doll House APK

Download My PlayHome APK free for Android and never have to worry about that awkward developmental phase of your children’s existence ever again – this incredibly true to life app allows your children to play with a digital doll’s house. Players can create their own families, set about making the members of this digital family do fun activities like bouncing on the bed or aggravating the pet fish and with My PlayHome APK – it’s all free!

This is the perfect parenting app for those who can’t afford real live goldfish, but in one of those moments where art imitates life, My PlayHome enables your children to creatively design a family – sort of like what’s happened in China for the last few years, but far, far more innocent. My PlayHome APK represents a chance for your child to showcase their creativity and gain a rare glance behind the curtain as they control Mummy and Daddy, along with all the siblings they wish they had but can’t because of real world Daddy’s botched vasectomy.

My PlayHome – Hours of Entertainment for the Little Ones

Given the arbitrary ignorance of children to the realities of running a household, coupled with the sheer barefaced cheek of toyshops when it comes to doll’s house pricing, My PlayHome is a wonderful app for anyone under the age of 10. Bringing the imaginative fun of owning inanimate people and making them run amok around a tiny plastic house to the small screen, My PlayHome lets you as an adult turn your Android device into a virtual doll’s house full of opportunities for your children to have fun.

For the budding parental guru, My PlayHome gives you the chance to put your feet up, enjoy a glass of wine and not worry about whether or not your child has been electrocuted due to the incompetence of that cheap electrician you hired last year so you could afford another trip abroad. My PlayHome is an entirely safe environment for your children to learn and grow – not to mention have an absolutely whale of a time.
Children can set up their families in any kind of configuration they like – whether black, white or Asian, if they don’t want to build a Daddy character, they can fill that blank space with another Mummy and they have complete control over who looks like what, who does what and where each of the family members live.

Rated 5 Stars by Common Sense Media

This is obviously a game for children and as such, is vetted accordingly – there’s nothing in My PlayHome APK that could be deemed frightening, harmful or even disturbing for your child. My PlayHome focuses instead on letting the children’s imagination run wild with what they’ll get up to with their digital families. This means they’re free to make up crazy stories and lives to fit the characters that they create, alongside visiting the My PlayHome store and picking out new outfits for their family or new trinket for the home.

Download My PlayHome APK now free on Android, it’s one of the top Android games for children and it’s available here, completely free. See what your children create, with My PlayHome.

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