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Additional Information of My PlayHome Stores for Android

Category: Casual
Compatible with: 4.2
Price: Free
Author: Harry Alston
Size: 85M
Developer: Shimon Young : Play Home Software
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2019/ 05/ 13
MOD: Yes

Description for My PlayHome Stores APK

Download My PlayHome Stores APK free for your Android device now and let your children run loose amid the frantic joys of shopping, enterprise and the future that awaits them in this digital doll’s house expansion pack that focuses more on the desperate need for more money.

My PlayHome Stores helps your children get to grips with the basics of shopping by learning what items are available at which stores, but without actually having to take them out into the cold, heartless real world armed only with a credit card and a sense of social shame. My PlayHome Stores expands your child’s mind by cramming it full of whimsical desires that, if they study a Humanities degree, will never be available to them in reality. Things like sipping fruit juice in the fruit shop – because where else would you get a fruit juice?

An Excellent Extension of My PlayHome

My PlayHome Stores is a brilliant next step for the precocious child who’s already mastered the art of making a family, having said family run about the house enjoying their leisure activities and is now looking for the next step in their development into a fully fledged human being. My PlayHome Stores opens your children up the wonderful world of money, which they will grow to either love or despise in the real world, but before they start aimlessly chasing the dollar, let them at least enjoy it as the fun and funky concept that it is.

Whether your kids are looking to deck out the doll’s house with some new designer furniture or just drop a bunch of money on some new outfits bound to impress at the next big tea party, My PlayHome Stores helps to educate your children about the possibilities that won’t be open to them should they decide to pursue an existence wrought with financial hardship, like poetry, music or anything revolving around the arts.

My PlayHome Stores seamlessly intersects with the My PlayHome universe that your children will have already created and adds another depth of realism to their imaginative doll’s house experience as they move beyond the mere confines of the family hive nexus and out into the big wide world of retail adventures.

Should I Really Download My PlayHome Stores for my Children?

Absolutely, first off – it’s free! This is something that My PlayHome Stores is going to instil in your kids, by helping them to understand the value of money and the need for saving before splurging on a nice new cashmere sweater.

My PlayHome Stores has been deemed an education resource by Common Sense Media – who’re always at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to responsible child gaming and are not to be tangled with.

Download My PlayHome Stores and free up some me time for your good self while your children whittle away the hours deliberating over whether or not Daddy would look better in a beige sweater-vest or a dank leather jacket. Talk them out of getting Daddy the jacket with the tassels, but other than that, you can let your kids run wild on My PlayHome Stores safe in the knowledge that they’re not actually spending your money, just a made-up digital currency that’s safe and secure on your Android. Download My PlayHome Stores APK for Android now and see what your kids buy into.

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