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We’d like to introduce to you – My Talking Tom. Tom is an adorable little kitten with a huge personality. What do we mean by that? Well, you’ll have to get the My Talking Tom download game to understand for yourself.

Relax, Tom isn’t a troublemaker. But, he does have a lot of problems that you need to solve. From getting hungry, to needing to use the potty. Hey, he’s still a pet at the end of the day. And like all pets, Tom needs to be cared for.

Additionally, you can also AR to add Tom into your daily life. How much more real can this adorable little kitten be?

Without further ado, let’s start a My Talking Tom new game.

Take care of My Talking Tom

Now, Tom needs your help. He can’t be alone for too long. Well, his name doesn’t necessarily need to be Tom. The My Talking Tom free game has you name your own version of the cute cat. So, you can have a more personal relationship with your partner.

You can also use the microphone to give orders to your Tom. And he wouldn’t be a talking Tom if he didn’t talk back. If there’s any problem, he’ll definitely alert you before it’s too late.

Next are the more specific responsibilities. You’ll need to complete small tasks in order to keep your Tom happy. This can be as simple as feeding him some tasty-looking snacks or putting Tom to sleep.

But be warned, some supplies are limited. If you run out of food, Tom will go hungry. We don’t want to happen, so keep completing tasks and winning or buying more food.

Next, Tom can get a little bored. Have no fear, YOU are here. In fact, there are many mini-game options to play with your Tom. The variety is pretty broad, meaning you’ll find a suitable game (or games) for you and Tom. In turn, My Talking Tom update will keep the games always updated and show high scores.

Personalize My Talking Tom

Last, but not least is the customization. In the My Talking Tom game, you can personalize your own Tom with some swagger.

Each Tom has a unique set of outfit options to add some originality to the experience. For example, you can change your feminine feline into a terrifying tiger or even a snow leopard. Give him a Mohawk for more coolness and even change the eye-color and accessories adorned by the kitty.

With all of this, you’ll grow an inseparable relationship with Tom, or Ben, or whatever you want to call them. Just get the My Talking Tom Outfit 7 game and fall in love with your new virtual pet.

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